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Exercise Log Challenge

This year for this first time since 2009 the Corps hosted its annual Undergraduate Officer Training Corps (UOTC) and Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS) competition weekend, called Ex Log Challenge. 7 UOTC’s and 2DTUS squadrons from across the country competed, with 65 Officer Cadet’s (OCdt) in total, all of whom are seriously considering, or have already committed to, a regular or reserve officer career being hosted.

Ex Log Challenge was held in Grantham and consisted of a weekend of competitive RLC related challenges which the OCdt teams had to complete and were scored on, with the highest scoring team being declared the winner.

Challenges were based around the functions of the RLC, and included combat catering, driving skills and a burden carry. For each challenge the cadets were given a scenario where they had to complete a task under time pressure, for instance 7 Regiment created a scenario of a convoy that had hit an IED and the cadets had to coordinate a casualty extraction.

The OCdt’s were also shown the social side of Officer life as they attended a black tie dinner night in the Officers’ Mess, where they were hosted by young officers from across the Corps.

The feedback from the OCdt’s was fantastic and this was largely due to the huge amount of effort from soldiers and officers from around the Corps. The skill and enthusiasm of our soldiers shined throughout the weekend and many of the OCdt’s have now asked to come on further visits to the Corps.

“…a sensational weekend…”

“… I can say nothing but praise……it was certainly top notch indeed…”

“…I know for a fact I can’t wait to attend another visit to the RLC, as is the case for my peers who attended…”

“…highly informative…eye opening…greatly enjoyable…it is safe to say that my view of the RLC now is of great respect and interest as a potential career…”

A huge thank you to all involved and we hope you can support next year’s event!