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Royal Corps of Transport

With its earliest origins linking to the Commissariat, the RCT provided food and supplies to Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army.

However, the very first military transport unit, the Corps of Waggoners, was formed in 1794. This evolved into the Royal Waggon Train which served throughout the Napoleonic Wars, notably at the Battle of Waterloo.

royal corps transport

Motto: Nil sine labore
March: Wait for the Waggon
Colours: Blue, White and Red

Following its disbandment in 1833, there were a number of short-lived organisations such as the Military Train and the Land Transport Corps, but it was not until the formation of the Army Service Corps (ASC) in 1899 that transport and supply support became the responsibility of a well-organized permanent body.

At the outbreak of the First World War, the ASC numbered 6,500 men, by 1918 this number had grown to 325,000 men. In recognition of the ASC’s contribution to the war effort during 1914 to 1919, the Corps was granted the ‘Royal’ prefix and was subsequently known as the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC).

The RCT was formed in 1965 when the RASC’s functions of supply and transport were separated. The RCT became responsible for transport whilst supplies became the responsibility of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. On formation, the RCT assumed responsibility for the RASC Association and expanded this to include soldiers from the newly formed RCT, creating the RASC & RCT Association. This remains a very active association which has more than 50 branches across the country.

Similarly, the RASC’s Institute (Officers’ Club) was formed into a new organization and retitled the RASC & RCT Officer’s Club this also remains a vibrant club.

Existing members can amend their details and data permissions, or Veterans can apply to join the Association or the Officers’ Club using our new online form.

CLICK HERE to join the RASC & RCT Association and RASC & RCT Officers’ Club or to amemd you membership details.

Contact Details

RASC & RCT Officers’ Club:

Lt Col Paul Duncan
RASC & RCT Council Secretary
RHQ the RLC, Bldg 204
Worthy Down Camp
SO21 2RG


RASC & RCT Association:

Lt Col (Ret’d) Richard B Hick
RASC & RCT Association Secretary
RHQ the RLC, Bldg 204
Worthy Down Camp
SO21 2RG


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