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Museum Collections

Our collections include uniforms, badges, medals, weapons, archives, fine and decorative arts and a collection of vintage military vehicles

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The Royal Logistic Corps Museum conserves and displays many different objects and archives covering our 200 year history, including those from our more recent Forming Corps:
Royal Corps of Transport
, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
, Royal Pioneer Corps
, Army Catering Corps, 
Royal Engineers Postal and Courier Section

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Our collections include uniforms, badges, medals, weapons and other equipment, as well as fine and decorative arts. We have a small, but fascinating collection of vintage military vehicles, including the Rolls Royce Wraith staff car, used in Normandy during WW2 by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, horse-drawn logistics vehicles and motor lorries.


If you would like to donate to our collection, please contact us. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept everything we are offered. If we already have good examples of an object or archive within the collection, we are unlikely to accept more. If you wish to donate items please email or call 01962 887793.

We ask all potential donors to provide as much information as possible about their items. What is being offered – preferably an itemised list including title, description and date (where known).

Provenance – Where did the items come from and how did you come by them?
History – What can you tell us about the original owner (if anything)?
Images – photographs or scans help us to assess condition and content.

We will endeavour to reply to you within 2 weeks of receipt. Please do not send or deliver items to us before we confirm that we are able to accept them. All donation offers which meet the criteria of the Collections Development Policy.