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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, The RLC Museum archive and library are closed. The online archive can still be accessed.

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The RLC Museum online archive provides access to a wealth of digitised Corps Journals, enlistments books, diaries, photographs and vehicle records. Often a great deal of information can be found here to assist with your enquiry.

Unfortunately due to the move of the museum to Winchester, and COVID-19 restrictions, the archive and library are currently closed  and therefore the archival staff are not able to assist with research enquiries until further notice.

First World War service records that survive are available from the National Archive.

Service records for a solider whose service ended after 1921 are available from the MOD.

In late 2021 we hope the new archive, reading room and library will fully open to the public, with extensive research facilities, copying and high resolution scanning equipment being made available. Our research policy and charges will be published in due course.

An excellent online archive is available at the RLC Digital Archive via the button below.

Visit the RLC Digital Archive