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Who We Are

We fight logistics through to keep the Army working, moving and communicating

From tanks and ammunition to letters and food, we get the right amount of the right kit to the right people in the right place at the right time – enabling the Army to do its job, and boosting morale along the way.

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Regular Units

Based in the UK our 13 Regular Regiments enable and support the Field Army’s formations and operations.

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Reserve Units

Across the UK there is an RLC Reserve Unit near you, ready to increase and enhance The RLC’s operational capability.

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The Army Cadets is one of the biggest and best clubs around, when it comes to fun, friendship, action and adventure.

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”As a Mariner you deploy on large Multi-National amphibious exercises around the world. Or, at a moment’s notice, you’re on a ship delivering lifesaving aid to disaster stricken nations.”

LCpl Falconer, Mariner, 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC

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The RLC Association

The hub of the Corps family, preserving heritage, promoting comradeship, providing opportunities and support.

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We get the
right amount of the
right kit to the
right people in the
right place at the
right time

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The RLC Foundation

Promoting professional excellence within The RLC, enabling soldiers and officers to be the best military logisticians.

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Latest News & Events

Logistics Leadership Award

Brig Mike Caldicott won the Military Logistician of the Year award at the 2019 Logistics Leadership Awards. Gen Ewart-Brookes, Gen Shoesmith and Gen Sir Mark…

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25 Nov – 3 Dec 2019 swimming


November, 25 – December 06 An RLC Inter Corps Swimming and Waterpolo Training Camp being held in Aldershot & Winchester

30 Nov – 14 Dec 2019 winter sports

Winter Sports

November, 30 – December 14 Ex KNEES BEND is an annual RLC alpine ski training exercise. More information from Capt L Diprose

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