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Who We Are

The RLC Association is the centre of the wider Corps family

The Association maintains the Corps’ identity and heritage and through membership provides fraternity and support to serving and retired Regulars and Reservists

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13 Regular Regiments and 11 Reserve units, which enable and sustain the British Armyโ€™s operations and exercises.

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The RLC Association

The hub of the Corps family, preserving heritage, promoting comradeship, providing opportunities and support.

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The RLC Foundation

Promoting professional excellence within The RLC, enabling soldiers and officers to be the best military logisticians.

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”As a Mariner you deploy on large Multi-National amphibious exercises around the world. Or, at a moment’s notice, you’re on a ship delivering lifesaving aid to disaster stricken nations.”

LCpl Falconer, Mariner, 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC

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The Army Cadets is one of the biggest and best clubs around, when it comes to fun, friendship, action and adventure.

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We get the
right amount of the
right kit to the
right people in the
right place at the
right time

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RLC Sports

The RLC places a huge emphasis on its 27 sports and has been crowned Army Champions in several.

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Latest News & Events

RLC Corps Open Day 20 CANCELLED

RLC Corps Open Day 20 CANCELLED

It is with great regret that due to the ongoing situation relating to COVID-19, RLC Corps Open Day 2020 (COD 20) is cancelled. Unlike other…

The military stands up to COVID-19

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has put 10,000 military personnel at a higher readiness and placed Reserves on standby to support public services as part…

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8 Apr – 5 Nov 2020


Apr, 8 – Nov, 5 Ex BALEARIC WATCH โ€“ An opportunity for eight SP to embark on a week-long sailing exped around the Balearic Islands…

27 Apr – 1 May 2020


Apr, 27 – May, 1 Ex WEST EXPRESS โ€“ The RLC Sailing Association (RLCSA) is conducting its annual sail experience week Ex WEST EXPRESS in…

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