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Training Defect Reports (TDRs)

Training Defect Reports (TDRs) are used by the Training Requirements Authority (TRA) to identify where training is going wrong. Where training goes wrong, we are either:

– Not training the correct subject areas.

– Not training to the right depth of knowledge.

– Training the incorrect procedure.

Ask yourself this question: are the personnel within your Unit suitably trained to carry out their roles? Are they being taught the correct things to enable them to do their job? Are they being taught the subject areas in enough depth? Or do you find yourself having to teach them how to carry out a particular task, one that is integral to your trade but the new soldiers coming in don’t know how to do it? Then you need to complete a TDR to bring the problem to Log TDT’s attention. The form is incredibly straightforward to fill out and will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Please be assured that your details will remain confidential; we only request them so that we may contact you to clarify any points you have made. Ultimately, if you don’t tell us where the training is going wrong, we can’t fix it, and nothing will ever change.

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