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Ex Tiger Simba Trek 16 was 22 Engr Regt QM departments 5 day adventure training package in Wasdale Cumbria, North West of England. The course consisted of 10 students from all ranks and cap badges (RLC and Royal Engineers) hoping to peak three mountains in three days.

Once the tents were set up and after a good night’s sleep, the first day’s objective was to peak mount Scallfell Pike at a height of 978m at a reasonable pace. It was designed to test the student’s ability and motivation when it became difficult. The course set off at 1000hrs summiting mount Scafell Pike at 1230hrs, the views at the top made the climb well worth the hard work put in by all of the students. After having some lunch at the top and enjoying one of the best views in England, the course then started the decent back down mount Scafell Pike. Finally, the students returned to camp at roughly 1600hrs for a well-earned pint.

On day two the climb intensity was upped slightly with a more arduous route, walking a total distance of 12 miles and summiting mount Bowfell. This proved a difficult route, testing students on their ability to help each other and work together. The course set off at 1000hrs summiting mount Bowfell at 1315hrs at a height of 902m. The weather for this climb was quite charming with amazing 360 degree views. After a short break at the top, the group then started the decent back to the transport, this was by far the toughest walk of the week.

Day three was the final day of walking and this time it was up mount Greatknott at a height of 696m. This route was far different from the other 2 days, due to the terrain being more of a boggy nature under foot. This climb again tested all students physical robustness due to the gradient. Setting off at 1010hrs mount Greatknott was peaked at 1230hrs, once at the top WO2 Walker, the expedition leader, gave a short lesson on safety and belaying casualties before making the decent back down the mountain for the final time on the exercise.

The final morning on the Friday consisted of packing up and cleaning all of the equipment before travelling back to Swinton Barracks that day.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the week, clearly demonstrating moral fibre and physical courage as well as improving their personal navigation skills.


The Royal Logistic Corps

The RLC Rowing Club recently had five rowers selected to represent the Army at the Joint Service Regatta held in Peterborough. Lt Jack Aldridge (ATO Cse) and Maj Charlie Peterson (ARRC) won both won their races in coxed fours, while 2Lt Jamie Wastling (150 Regt RLC), Pte Ben Smith (158 Regt RLC) and Lt Col Nicola Roberts (Army HQ) all came second in their various races. A great performance from the RLC crowd topped off by a ceremony at which the Army's new boat was named after Brig Adam McRae MBE (DA Iraq) - the President of both RLC and Army rowing.#BritishArmyLogistics #WeAreTheRLC ... See MoreSee Less