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Show-Jumping at The King’s Troop RHA

Uniformed Services Show-Jumping at The King’s Troop RHA, Sponsored by the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), Woolwich, 30 November 2013.

On Saturday 30 November The RLC Mounted Sports Club (MSC) competed at the prestigious Uniformed Services Show sponsored by the HAC at Napier Barracks,Woolwich, London, courtesy of The King’s Troop RHA. The competition consisted of four riders each riding a horse from the Troop.

The riders are matched to their horses only by the team manager quickly reading the short description and deciding which rider might best-suited to it. This makes for an interesting competition all round and challenges riders; they need nerves of steal as The King’s Troop horses are not known for their patience or understanding!!

The RLC Team consisted of Maj Nicola Cripps, Maj Verity Crompton, LCpl Laura Grubb and Cpl Paul Bennion. They were 4th in the overall team competition and the highest placed team using Troop Horses (owner-riders were also competing) from a non-mounted unit perspective – so, rosettes all round!

On an individual basis, Maj Nicola Cripps was 2nd in the ‘Fault and Out’ competition (like a quick fire round – you ride until you make an error then get out of there as quickly as possible to try and make time points instead) having overcome quite a horse-shaped mountain in getting the initial rodeo show to produce a very tidy clear round by the end of the day with not a buck in sight. Major Nigel Prescott was on loan to the French team who managed only to bring three riders. He also came home with a stash of rosettes as his team was 3rd overall in the team competition and the highest placed international team! He also had a personal best all in one day; in three rounds he went from one end of the spectrum (elimination), through 4 faults, then to a perfect clear round!

The day was well supported by many family members and friends. Everyone had a good day out and it was a brilliant end to what has been a non-stop season for The RLC Mounted Sports Club. Roll on 2014!!

If you are interested in riding for The RLC, please get in touch with Maj Nigel Prescott on 9679 83693 or email him at ACDS LOGOPS-Log Spt Policy SO2.