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The Final Tree in ‘Loggy’s Wood’

HRH The Princess Royal visited Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham to plant the final tree in a 70-hectare Diamond Wood. Named Loggy’s Wood, it is equivalent in size to around 115 football pitches and was created to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The wood was planted as part of a nationwide partnership between the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the Woodland Trust, under the Trust’s six-million tree Jubilee Woods Project. The initiative has seen thousands of hectares of woodland planted that will help British soldiers train more effectively for military operations in years to come once the woods are established.

The Trust believes everyone should have easy access to woodland: regular contact with green spaces has been linked to reductions in diabetes, obesity, stress, and other disorders. Trees also provide habitat and food for wildlife; they produce oxygen, absorb carbon, cut pollution, and help reduce flooding. They give shade, shelter, and are a source of timber, fuel, fruit and nuts.

The Royal Logistic Corps

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