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Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of sporting competition that uses online video games. Originally introduced to the British Army around six months ago, there has been an increasing interest in the sport from the Corps, its serving personnel and veterans.

Within the last three months, soldiers from the Royal Logistic Corps have been working tirelessly to recruit players to represent the Corps in various online gaming competitions. The Corps is currently competing in Inter-Corps level battles, with the idea to progress to Army level – competing in Tri-Service competitions and against civilian communities.

The British Army Lions League is the military online playing field that allows Corps to compete in online games that can also be accessed and watched by the general public. The RLC eSports Club, which has recruited approximately 100 members so far, is open to regular, reserve and veteran soldiers who are able to participate in the following games as part of the Lions League: Call of Duty (COD), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlerounds and Rainbow Six Siege.

In short, the RLC eSports Club is a place for RLC soldiers who enjoy gaming. The club caters for all levels of ‘gamer’ – from the casual player right through to competitive gamers, in any game(s) of their choice. The club’s discord is a growing and friendly community where gamers can meet fellow logisticians with similar interests and arrange friendly matches, discuss gaming experiences and compete for the RLC. It can also be used as an outlet in amongst busy and demanding work lives.

Corporal Jason Pyne, the RLC Corps Team 2IC explained, “RLC eSports hopes to achieve a competitive and community-based environment that reflects the evolving Army of today, exemplifies team cohesion and allows soldiers to meet and share similar interest outside of the work place.”

The league is now in its second season and the RLC’s next game (COD) takes place on 23 July 20 at 1930hrs against the Royal Artillery. For more information on fixtures and results, visit the home of military gaming at

How to get involved

Calling all gamers! Do you want to join the RLC eSports Club and represent the Corps in online gaming? If you would like to get involved, please contact the Corps Team Manager LCpl Thomas at

You can also find the RLC eSports Club on the free mobile app ‘Discord’ using this link HTTPS://

For further information and to follow the RLC eSports Club on social media, use the links below.

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

The RLC eSports Club also actively streams on its Twitch channel, where you can watch members play their favourite games. You can also find the British Army eSports Twitch at

The Royal Logistic Corps

The Lifetime Achievement award goes to....Lt Col Fiona Gordon’s sporting career spans nearly 30 years where she has represented both the RLC and Army, as well as her running club, at cross country, athletics and trail running. Such achievements are worthy of recognition but, equally impressive, has been her dedication, energy and leadership that has inspired, encouraged, and mentored hundreds of athletes, particularly women, to participate in sport. These factors epitomise the very essence of the Lifetime Achievement Award.During her career Col Fiona has won over 60 individual titles (from unit to national master’s level) in all running disciplines ranging from 400m to an 86-mile ultra-marathon; as well as multi-terrain duathlons. In her younger years, she was twice selected to represent the Army at the Inter-Services, at a time when there was only one team of six. As a Corps sportswoman, there can’t be many (if any) athletes who, not only still finish in the top five in their Corps, but then go on to represent their Corps at the Inter-Corps Championships every time. Perhaps equally unique, she is also possibly one of the few left in the Corps that were awarded their Corps colours (for both cross country and athletics) following its formation in 1993. And, remarkably at age 51 she still finished 4th RLC female at the Corps and Inter Corps Championships. ... See MoreSee Less
The Hemming Belt is awarded to.....This season has been a Royal performance from LCpl Megan Reid culminating in her being crowned as the Scottish National Champion. She began boxing after joining The RLC in 2013 and she won an RLC title in her first season as a boxer. Thereafter, she entered the Army Individuals' Championships that same year where her natural talent shone through and she was crowned champion. Given her Scottish heritage, the following season she entered the Scottish Championships, and was narrowly beaten in the final, no mean feat for her third boxing season. Her performance in the final was outstanding and resulted in her first international call up, representing Scotland in the Great Britain Championships. LCpl Reid returned to the English Championships in 2017, this time going one step further and gaining a Silver medal. Since then she has represented The RLC, Army, UK Armed Forces and Scotland at the highest level in the European Championships and twice at the World Championships. LCpl Reid has represented the Corps and the Army with a style that most boxers and other sportsmen and sportswomen aspire. She is a credit to her Unit, The RLC and the Army and a role model for all aspiring athletes and soldiers. She has achieved so much in such a short space of time where, looking to the future, her Gold at her National Championships means that she is the unrivalled queen of RLC Boxing and is duly nominated for the award of the Hemming Belt. ... See MoreSee Less
The Lifetime achievement award goes to.....Cpl Keleni Drummond has been a Corps and Army sportswoman since she joined the Army in 2001 at the age of 21. Her military sporting career began on the Rugby pitch, but it did not take long for Basketball and Netball players to scout her for their respective teams; she has played all three sports at Corps level from inception. By the time of her assignment to 17 Port and Maritime Regiment in 2007, Cpl Drummond had represented the Army at Rugby, Netball and Basketball. Sadly, during an Army Rugby fixture against the Farnborough Women's Team she was badly injured and had to take a break from the pitch to focus on rehabilitation. Dedicated and focused to recuperate, by 2009 she was back fighting fit and switched her focus to both Netball and Basketball. Cpl Drummond’s sporting successes are numerous and varied where, in addition to representing the UK Armed Forces Basketball Team from 2016 - 2018, she captained the Corps Netball Team from 2012 - 2014 leading the RLC to Inter-Corps victory three years in a row, including representing the Army during this period. In spite of her previous injury Cpl Drummond put her rugby boots back on in 2019 to re-join the Corps Team in winning the Inter-Corp Rugby 10s, 15s and the Palestine Cup. She continued her successful leadership streak and captained the Army Masters Netball Team to success at the 2020 Inter-Services Championships. Corporal Drummond is one of the most decorated multi-sport sportswomen in the Corps. In her 20-year career to date she has competed at Regimental level in countless sports, but has truly flourished as a Corps, Army and UKAF player in Rugby, Netball and Basketball. Cpl Drummond represents the very best of her generation and fully deserves recognition for The RLC Sports Awards Outstanding Achievement category. ... See MoreSee Less