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Ex RLC Officer attempts to break LEJOG World Record

Ex RLC Officer, Carla Molinaro, is attempting to break the Ladies’ World Record for running the whole length of Great Britain – starting at Land’s End in Cornwall and ending at John O’Groats in Scotland – in just 12 days, 11 hours, 6 minutes and 7 seconds.

As a keen athlete, Carla is no stranger to tough endurance events. She has previously run from London to Paris (186 miles) in four days, taken part in ‘The Long Road to Comrades’ – including an ‘Ultra Marathon’ and she has won several medals in various World Championships.

So why take on this challenge? At the start of the lockdown period, Carla decided that as the likelihood of any races or events occurring in the foreseeable future had significantly decreased, she would create her own challenge, against the clock and attempt to break the Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) World Record!

“I have always wanted to give this a bash and as they say, ‘Carpe Diem’! So, I am doing just that and ‘seizing the day’. I am going to attempt what will be the hardest physical and mental challenge I have yet to embark on and I am excited!” said Carla.

Between 16 and 27 July, Carla will have to run an average of 70 miles per day in order to complete the impressive total of 874 miles. The original plan was to begin at 05:00hrs on 16 July, which would mean a finish time of 16:00hrs on 28 July. However, as Carla’s birthday is on 27 July, she has set herself an extra challenge of finishing a day early!

She will have an all-important team of nine to help her, including chefs, drivers, a doctor and a physiotherapist. “I have the best team possible to help me achieve this and I am super excited to give it my all and push my mind and body further than it has ever gone before,” explained Carla.

To support this incredible feat, Carla has also received generous donations of kit, energy bars and technology from sponsors including: Hoka, CLIF, NUUN, Garmin, NBF, Runderwear and Big Bobblehats. She has also set up a donation page with the funds raised going towards costs such as tracking devices, petrol and crew logistics.

To follow Carla’s journey, click on this live tracking link

Click here to donate and support Carla in her extraordinary challenge.

For more information about Carla and her previous running adventures, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram