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LCpl Lestyn Burke, a cadet from a RLC-affiliated Carmarthen Detachment, has created a remarkable new four-foot mural to be placed in his detachment’s centre.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the young LCpl, who has served for three years with his cadet detachment, spent a year creating his masterpiece which was set to replace the existing mural of the Royal Regiment of Wales that was painted by a local artist in 1984.

Since the detachment became affiliated with The Royal Logistic Corps in 2019, LCpl Burke thought it would be better that the mural represented the cap badge of the newly affiliated Army Reserve regiment which the cadets share their centre with – 157 Regiment RLC.

He commented: “I wanted to donate the mural to the detachment as my way of giving back to those that have helped me over the years. I was very much looking forward to hanging it in pride of place and seeing it be used as a backdrop for presentations.”

LCpl Burke began painting at a young age, following in his father’s footsteps. He began working on the mural for an hour a day, but soon realised that he would need to spend more time on it and so together with his father, worked tirelessly for three hours each day to complete it.

One of the problems he faced along the way was the difficulty in storing the piece due to its large size. By the time it was finished, it had been kept in every room in his house before finally ending up being delivered to the detachment strapped to the roof of his mum’s car!

Adult Under Officer (AUO) Darren Parker from the Detachment added: “We have not had an official unveiling because we are on limited attendance due to COVID-19, however the new RLC artwork now takes pride of place in our detachment; it looks stunning, a real one of a kind.”

The Royal Logistic Corps

Over the weekend, 154 Scottish Regiment RLC hosted Exercise MUDMASTER, the annual off-road driver training challenge that tests drivers’ skills and precision behind the wheel of different vehicles. The event, which took place in Dunfermline, Stirling and Linlithgow in Scotland, aims to develop the safe driving skills of the Corps’ soldiers with conditions that are designed to test their capabilities to the fullest. More than 100 teams entered, with both regular, reserve and civilian personnel taking part in challenges including navigation, observation, discipline and safety; all essential skills needed for deploying on future operations. #BritishArmyLogistics #WeSustain #WeAreTheRLC ... See MoreSee Less
Over the last two weeks, seven members of the 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC, Marchwood Regimental Dive Team successfully organised the ‘deep phase’ of Exercise SUBMERGED CRUSADER 21 in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. In total, 20 divers took part in numerous training serials including: live decompression up to depths of 42m, ultrathermic cutting, hydraulic tools, search and recovery and a seabed survey in the murky depths of Loch Alsh, Loch Akin and Loch Na Beiste. The team were ably supported by the dive tender MV Moorhen and a Navy Chamber crew from the Defence Diving School who conducted lessons on safely recovering a diver to a recompression chamber.#BritishArmyLogistics #WeSustain #WeAreTheRLC ... See MoreSee Less
RLC personnel from BATUK have been helping to make donations of food and books to Hope and Homes Recreation Centre, a local orphanage home to 56 children in Kenya. Hope and Homes first became a registered recreation centre in 2011 by Suzanne Wangiru. Suzanne created the centre in order to rehabilitate street children, as well as orphans and young girls that have been rescued form early marriages. Cpl Shannon Stevens who is currently on detachment from 13AASR, commented on her experience visiting this fundamental centre: “When we entered the Centre, we were taken by surprise as there were more children than we had imagined there would be. We helped to distribute food, drawing books and reading books and the children were ecstatic. It was a surreal experience at Hope and Homes, full of differing emotions, but it was definitely a great opportunity for the members of CSS 2nd Line to engage with the community creating a better working relationship with BATUK.”Major R Crane MBE RLC, SO2 CSS BATUK commented: “Witnessing the delight on the kids’ faces when they received the books and clothes that had been donated by friends and families across UK was very humbling. There are so many children in need and every little helps.” #BritishArmyLogistics #WeSustain #WeAreTheRLC ... See MoreSee Less