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New RLC Museum takes shape

The contractors have erected the outer steel frame for the new RLC Museum at Worthy Down.

Opening to the public in spring 2021, the new exhibition space is more than twice the size of the current display area and will allow many more exhibits to be shown, including more historic vehicles.

The new museum building has been carefully designed, from the double height central gallery with viewing platform, to the large and impressive medal room.

Working with PLB, the museum design specialists, the new galleries will have exciting new display cases, interactive activities, new text panels and touchscreens, along with many more uniforms, weapons and hither to untold stories from The RLC’s past.

Broken down into 12 time zones, called “epochs” the new museum will tell the story how the Corps and its predecessors supported the Army since before the Battle of Waterloo.

All major trades and activities will be covered, and displays will include: catering, air despatch, postal services, EOD and driving.

Alongside a dedicated research room, there is a presentation room and gift shop. There will also be a large vehicle store visible to the public and a café.