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Mrs Stephanie Bentley has been awarded the Imperial Service Medal

This week Mrs Stephanie Bentley has been awarded the Imperial Service Medal in recognition of her meritorious service.

Mrs Stephanie Bentley joined the Ministry of Defence on 3rd July 1989 at The RAOC Secretariat, Deepcut, where she worked as an Administrative Officer, supporting the Editor of The RAOC Gazette. She transferred to ACSM Aldershot on 6th July 1992 as an Administrative Officer and remained there when it became CPM Aldershot. In January 2002, she was promoted to Band D remaining at CPM Aldershot until leaving on early retirement on 31st March 2007 after nearly eighteen years service. Recruitment and all MOD Civil Service HR issues constituted her principal portfolio.

Mrs Bentley quickly realised that retirement was not for her and she was engaged on a casual contract of employment at CPM Aldershot until September 2007. She re-joined the MOD in October 2007 in the Regimental Headquarters The Royal Logistic Corps working with the Secretariat team as the manager of the Corps and Forming Corps Association database systems. She remained in this appointment until formally retiring on 31 March 2015. Mrs Bentley has subsequently remained on the RHQ payroll covering those same duties on a part-time contract, as her shoes, to date, have proved impossible to fill.

During her 25 years as a MOD civil servant her personal contribution has been exemplary and her performance outstanding. For the past nine years she has provided excellent and invaluable support to the RHQ, to the wider Corps and to the Forming Corps associations. Within the Secretariat Mrs Bentley is the acknowledged expert on the managing of our database systems; and she continues to be a fount of knowledge and support across all Secretariat business.

This award of the Imperial Service Medal, which Her Majesty The Queen has graciously agreed, is in recognition of the meritorious service which Mrs Bentley has rendered throughout her 25 years of loyal and dedicated commitment within the Ministry of Defence.

The Royal Logistic Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps

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