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Military Skills Competition Winners!

Last week the first Saturday in October 2015 saw 25 Training Regiment (ably supported by 27 Regiment and ATR Pirbright) host the Annual RLC Military Skills Competition (formerly the Gore Trophy). This year’s competition saw a total of 60 teams competing.

The annual competition had a slightly different format this year, and the teams of 6 competed in 5 different areas including a new navigation exercise:

1. Military Knowledge Stand
2. NATO Assault Course
3. 1.5 mile Timed March
4. Falling Plate Marksmanship Contest
5. Navigation Exercise

The day itself started foggy, as the teams signed in and weighed their kit, but by the time they reached the navigation exercise the weather had begun to clear. Sterling efforts were seen from all involved, the Corps Colonel and the Command Sergeant Major also ran the course, spurring on the teams and offering encouraging words. Although all of the teams were very competitive the atmosphere was one of friendly rivalry.

The Corps Colonel, Darren Corrie said “The military skills competition is very important to our Corps ethos, we are soldiers first, and it demonstrates the superb Officers and soldiers of the Corps. This years competition was focused on military skills and navigation; 60 teams made up of 432 personnel took part, the total distance covered by all the teams was 3650kms.  Everybody who competed did extremely well and threw themselves wholeheartedly into the challenge, congratulations to all the winning teams!”


Regular Team Champions (Gore Trophy)- Cdo Log Regt (B)
Reservist Team Champions (Lamb Trophy) – 152 (NI) Regt RLC
Merit Cup (Corps Col’s award) – 1 ATR ‘ 96 Sqn

Reservists Mix team – 154 Tpt Regt RLC
Regular Mixed Team – 13 AA Sp Regt RLC (Bib 53)

Reservists Veterans – 152 (NI) Regt RLC
Regular Veterans – 13 AA Sp Regt RLC

Reservists Female – 151 Regt RLC
Regular Female – 29 Regt RLC

More pictures from the day will be posted in due course.

Crown Copyright – Photographer Jo Ayres

The Royal Logistic Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps

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