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High risk adventure training in Greenland

Seven RLC soldiers serving with the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion (ARRC Sp Bn) have completed a High Risk & Remote (HR&R) training expedition to Greenland.

Ex TIGER ARRC was a Type 3 Overseas, Exploratory Alpine Mountaineering Adventurous Training Expedition, organised by the ARRC Sp Bn for 12 of its members. Three Alpine Mountaineering Leaders accompanied them.

WO2 Bynorth, the ARRC Sp Bn’s RAPTC QMSI and Exped Leader, said: “The Exped was a huge success. The planning, organisation and delivery of EX TIGER ARRC has a direct link to challenges, which we will face on operations.

“We succeeded in developing the leadership skills of our young soldiers, as well as enhancing their physical and mental robustness. EX TIGER ARRC achieved this in abundance.”

Cpl Rakesh, 10 QOGLR, added: “The Greenland Expedition was physically and mentally demanding. We’ve been preparing for this expedition for the last two years by completing basic summer and winter mountaineering in different parts of the UK and completing a mountain first aid course.

“Exploring Greenland has developed physical and mental robustness which will help me if I deploy on operations. It has been a once in a life time opportunity which has developed my leadership skills and enhanced me professionally as JNCO.”