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Support Organ Donation

This campaign has a personal meaning to it for me. A friend of mines brother and nephew were sadly lost in a road crash last month.Stuart Bates, 43 and his 7 year old son Fraser were struck as they crossed the A4119 near Llantrisant. Sadly, Stuart was pronounced dead at the scene and Fraser was taken to hospital but died of his injuries.

Stuarts wife Anna-Louise was then faced with the difficult decision as to where to donate Frasers organs. She said she knew it was what Fraser and Stuart would have wanted. “Fraser cared about everybody and I knew he’d want me to make some good out of this awful tragedy” ‘ Anna-Louise Bates

Anna-Louise has been inspired to set up a new charity “Believe”, the aim of the charity is raise awareness and provide support to those who find themselves is similar situation as Anna-Louise was.Since setting up the charity, it has received £20,000 worth of donations.

Prior to the tragic loss of Stuart and Fraser, both Anna-Louise and Stuart were family friends of baby Teddy, who survived for 100 minutes last April before becoming one of the youngest UK organ donors.

Sparked by their friends’ plight they had a conversation about what they would do in the same situation ‘ little knowing that Anna-Louise would face the same dilemma just months later.
Since the tragedy Anna-Louise has been made aware that Fraser’s organs have gone on to save four lives.

“I had a letter from the Donor Society the day before the funeral which was an amazing comfort.
It said that the child that had Frasers lungs were already breathing on their own and running round the ward ‘ that was phenomenal. And that’s just the start of it ‘ there also his eyes that will hopefully help some people and my mother is registered blind so that means a lot to us”. – Anna-Louise Bates

The objectives of Believe Organ Donor Support will be:
To provide relief
– of all donors and their families and carers who have agreed to organ and/or tissue donation
– of all patients and their families whose sickness or medical condition can be improved by the provision of organs by deceased or living persons

To provide advice, assistance and support to
– the families of deceased persons who opted to donate their organs or tissue to patients
– living persons who have resolved to donate their organs or tissue to patients, and their families and carers
– To promote the education of the public in the benefits of organ donation and to mobilise, encourage, foster and maintain the interest and support of the public in organ donation.
– To improve and enhance procedures for the provision of organ donation to patients and to strengthen the training and skills of medical staff employed in such procedures.

About donation
A donation is where a person donates their organs and tissues for transplant.
A transplant can save a person’s life or improve their health and quality of life.

Organ donation
Donations are made to people with damaged organs that need to be replaced.

Tissue donation
Tissues can be used to treat many life threatening conditions.

There are two types of donation :-

If you are interested in registering for organ donation, further details can be found here