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Working hard to deliver vital supplies

Army Reservists from 124 Transport Squadron, part of 151 Regiment RLC, continue to work hard with the NHS to deliver vital supplies around the country,

Usually based in Warely, Essex, 12 soldiers from the unit have been working at the NHS distribution centre in Maidstone, Kent.

Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Taylor, Commanding Officer 151 Regt, said: “We all know how important it is that the NHS have the equipment they need to carry on saving lives.”

“I am proud that our troops have been able to help keep that vital supply chain moving.”

The reservists have been helping pack vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before delivering it across the South-East.

Army Reserve Centres in Southall and Barnet are also being used to receive and distribute NHS supplies around the capital.

Army Reservists normally undertake training in their spare time alongside a civilian job, but many have now stepped up to serve full time as the country tackles coronavirus.