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The Black Sea Region is an area of strategic importance for the UK, with the UK Armed Forces, allies and partners working in the region to deepen international relationships, improve interoperability and advance regional security.

Soldiers from 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC supported the exercise in Ukraine.

Soldiers from the UK global response force, 16 Air Assault Brigade (including personnel serving in 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC) conducted the largest parachute drop in decades into Ukraine last month, under the title ‘Exercise JOINT ENDEAVOUR’.

Invited to participate in the exercise by the Government of Ukraine, the British Army sent circa 250 paratroopers from the Brigade as a representation of the Army’s capability in this space; showing solidarity with the Ukraine.

The UK’s involvement in Ex JOINT ENDEAVOUR primarly took place between 15-25 September.

The exercise, which took place close to the Crimean border, saw British troops working closely alongside Ukrainian Airborne Forces, testing the capability of the UK to move rapidly to support its allies, should the need arise.

It provided an opportunity to improve the UK and Ukraine’s interoperability in the Black Sea Region and acted as a chance to share their expertise and knowledge as well as building upon Ukraine’s capacity, resilience and further strengthen its ability to defend itself.

For more information, click here to watch the British Army’s video about Ex JOINT ENDEAVOUR.

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