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Soldier Awarded The Institute of Couriers Military Distinction Award

Last Month acting Corporal Brennan won the Institute of Couriers (IOC) Military Distinction award.

In the fast-paced and ever evolving courier industry the best-of-the-best who are setting the standards were recognised in The National Courier Awards. The event organised by the Institute of Couriers and hosted at the institute of Directors, Pall Mall in London was held on October 27th. Celebrating excellence from two wheels to four, from courier companies large and small, regional and national.

Corporal Brennan a Postal & Courier Operator at 29 Regiment RLC, was nominated by his Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes and Brigadier S T Hutchings who felt his exceptional performance was deserving of recognition.

A/Cpl Brennan’s strong leadership skills and tireless work ethic has brought dynamism and enthusiasm to the department and has been an inspiration to his team.  His professionalism and dedication during his deployment has proved immeasurably beneficial to the wider Broader Middle East (BME) Theatres of Operation.  His efforts have ensured that the flow of Diplomatic Mail in and out of these operational theatres was flawlessly maintained, whilst concurrently supporting the Afghanistan Theatre without a hitch.

His role whilst deployed included coordinating the secure, discrete and efficient movement of Top Secret, Cryptographic and Security Services material all over the BME.  Due to R&R and the aero medical evacuation of the SSgt commanding the detachment, A/Cpl Brennan found himself single handedly running the central hub in the Middle East, the pivotal location, for a period of sixteen days.  In addition to overseeing the daily routine of an Operational Forces Post Office, he was responsible for ensuring that all Protectively Marked Material (PMM) was received and despatched in a timely manner.

His reaction to the additional responsibility was exceptional.  By day he operated as the Diplomatic Courier for the BME, delivering to multiple locations.  Upon his return from this he ran the Forces Post Office (FPO) providing a complete and efficient counter service.  In the evening he delivered all PMM to Kabul.  Despite typically returning to his base location in the early hours, and with minimal sleep, he would reopen the Post Office each following day to conduct a full day’s work.  Through sheer determination and utter professionalism A/Cpl Brennan ensured that a seamless service was delivered throughout this period and that no flights carrying PMM were ever missed.

Brigadier S T Hutchings said “Corporal Brennan’s professionalism and dedication during his recent deployment to the Middle East theatres of operation has been extraordinary.  His singe handed command of the central hub for The Middle East and maintenance of both the routine postal service and the Middle East and Op TORAL courier service, working at least 3 ranks up, is a clear demonstration of his exceptional professional abilities”



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