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On Wednesday 20 May, serving personnel from the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) held the first of several live virtual events.

The hour-long session proved to be very popular, with an audience of over 60 members of the public engaging in discussion about joining the Corps.

The RLC Engagement Team, consisting of Corporal Alfie Tomkins, Lance Corporal Hamish Gorsuch-Wright and Lance Corporal Abi Winnett, hosted a live presentation to promote the Corps and provide information for potential candidates interested in a career with the RLC – from new recruits to those wishing to re-trade. The virtual session, which included the presenters, a slideshow presentation, chat forum and Q&A section, was viewed and enjoyed by a diverse audience.

The engaging presentation contained information on the varied career opportunities available within the Corps, with a heavy focus on the twelve RLC trades. Additionally, other highlights included discussion of the vast array of qualifications that can be achieved as well as opportunities for Adventurous Training. Viewers also had the chance to ask questions and discuss amongst themselves about their hopes of joining the RLC.

Cpl Tomkins said:

“Being able to reach out and engage with candidates and members of the public during this time is difficult. However, with this virtual open day, I believe we overcame that challenge and successfully assisted those with a keen interest in the British Army and the Royal Logistic Corps.”

LCpl Winnett added:

“The day was a great success; I’m definitely looking forward to doing more. If this can benefit engagement in the future, it’s certainly something we should consider investing in.”

As part of the event, LCpl Gorsuch-Wright also took over the British Army Instagram for the day. Through this, he was able to answer questions from followers about his time in the RLC.

The team will now be holding weekly virtual sessions, each with a different focus, including: ‘Unusual’ trades and ‘Diversity and Inclusion’.

Do you have a question about career opportunities in the Royal Logistic Corps? Join us for our next live event on Friday 24 July 20 at 1100hrs. For the link to join us, please use the email provided or send a message to our Facebook page.