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The Royal Logistic Corps has launched a new strategy to ensure it can adapt and react to rapidly changing global and strategic influences so it can support Defence and wider commitments, from today to 2025 and beyond.

Defence is faced with an increasingly uncertain global and strategic outlook. Threats to our nation are complex and dynamic and are proliferating and intensifying rapidly.

The pervasiveness of information and pace of technological change has transformed the commercial sector and is transforming the character of warfare – providing new ways and means to achieve objectives. Defence must also respond to the threat of climate change, future pandemics and natural disasters and play its part in promoting ‘Global Britain’ and UK prosperity.   

New Defence and Army level concepts set out the strategic response to these challenges and opportunities. 

Defence Support underpins this global activity and must do so whilst balancing resilience, effectiveness and efficiency. But maintaining today’s arrangements to support a force that will be persistently engaged, more integrated and operating at greater reach, tempo and more dispersed is not an option. Transformation is required, particularly the need to embrace resilient data-centric technologies and critically, develop a digitally skilled and innovative ‘Whole Force’. 

What is true for Defence Support is true for the Royal Logistic Corps. So the Corps can play its part, the Master General of Logistics, Lt Gen Sir Mark Poffley KCB OBE, has launched a new strategy, which will enable The RLC to adjust to the needs of the Army, Defence and the Nation.

The Corps’ vision for 2025 and beyond is bold:

A world-class, innovative and adaptable Corps, sustaining continuous activity at home and around the globe.  All underpinned by a people-focussed ethos and the exploitation of data and cutting-edge technology.

The RLC is a unique Corps in terms of size, diversity and experience. It has been at the heart of every major operation the Armed Forces have been involved with since the Corps’ formation in 1993. To achieve the Corps’ vision for 2025 and beyond, the Corps’ methods, capabilities and required skills must change, but its mission – what it does – endures: 

The Royal Logistic Corps sustains Army and wider Defence activity, at home and overseas, as a core component of a global, integrated logistic enterprise

Critical to success is the strategy implementation. To achieve this, four objectives have been set, each to be led by a Brigadier. They are: People & Ethos, Exploiting Technology, External Integration and Communication and Influence. To explain this further, The RLC’s Strategy on a page, can be seen below and found on Corps Social Media and on MODNET. The full Strategy paper (less Annexes) is hosted on Defence Connect.

RLC Strategy on a page

MGL says: “The RLC has a huge amount to offer the Nation, not just because of our size, but the diversity, skills and quality of our people. The new strategy will continue to evolve, and I want to hear your ideas, no matter what rank you are. Thank you for your outstanding work so far. I know that together we will continue to make the difference to the Army, Defence and the Nation.”

We Sustain.

To view the full strategy paper (less Annexes), please visit Defence Connect using the following link:

You can view the launch video HERE

The Royal Logistic Corps

Congratulations and well done to Major Jacquie Barlow, an OC within ITC Catterick, who has successfully completed her attempt to run 61 half marathons back-to-back over 61 days. Major Barlow took on this gruelling challenge with the aim of raising £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support after both she and her family received help from the charity when she had a tumour in 2011. She also raised money for a local school. Macmillan Cancer Support provides vital physical, financial and emotional support to cancer patients and their families at a time where the NHS is stretched. Please help to support Major Barlow and Macmillan by donating to her Just Giving page here: #WeAreTheRLC ... See MoreSee Less
‘STRIKE’ is a new concept in the British Army and with it, 1 Regiment RLC has faced a new challenge - how to remain agile and mobile, yet maintain C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) with a reduced logistical footprint. 1 Regiment RLC has met this test turning to innovation with the aim of being constantly mobile yet able to maintain several lines of communication over vast distances. One possible solution is the MECC from Weatherhaven - a custom off the shelf (COTS) capability that will enhance the ‘just in time’ logistics on the modern battlefield. For more information about this potential capability, please contact Captain Alan Mcallister, RSO 1 Regiment RLC: ... See MoreSee Less
RHQ The RLC is delighted to announce that Her Majesty the Queen has graciously appointed Major (Retd) Harry Lomas MBE BEM FIH as the Honorary Colonel of 167 Catering Support Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps, with effect 1st March 2021. Throughout his career, Colonel Harry has worked as venue manager at the 2012 Olympics, Executive Head Chef at the Grove Hotel and also as Head of Culinary with Delaware North at Wembley Stadium. Welcoming the Honorary Colonel to the Regiment via a video call, the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jo Young said: “With his background, experience and passion for catering, Colonel Harry will be a superb ambassador and role model for both the new recruits coming in, as well as the more senior members of the Regiment. He has a depth of military and civilian catering knowledge and a remarkable network within the culinary industry which he plans to mobilise to the benefit of the Army Reserve Chef. We are looking forward to working with Colonel Harry to reinforce the unique position of the British Army’s only Regiment of Chefs”.#BritishArmyLogistics #WeSustain #WeAreTheRLC 167 Catering Support Regiment RLC ... See MoreSee Less