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Logistic Brigade exercises war capability

A 102 Logistic Brigade exercise is aiming to train and integrate regular and reserve soldiers and move them forward in their war fighting capability.

Ex HALBERD DAWN is designed to exercise the Brigade’s component parts of 150, 158 and 159 Regts RLC, 254 Med Regt and elements of 6 and 7 Regt RLC, within a realistic and challenging training environment.

There are 300 personnel and 180 vehicles on the exercise which runs from 7 to 21 Sep 19.

Training includes a CAST style planning cycle for the reserve staff officers and assistants supported by their regular counter parts from 6 Regt and 253 Med and 102 Brigade staff. 

There has been a supply loop established from Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham to Thetford, by 150 and 158 Regts and a Forward Supply Area run by 159 Regt with, for the first time an MRS medical reception facility that includes, medical, dental, mental health, dentist and physio capability.

This is the first time these units have trained together at this scale for a number of years. It is anticipated that this Brigade led exercise will be repeated possibly on a bi-annual basis.

The Royal Logistic Corps

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