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LGBT Veterans Independent Review – Final Call for Evidence

The Call for Evidence for the LGBT Veterans Independent Review, which is seeking the testimonies of individuals and organisations on the impact of the pre-2000 ban on homosexuality in the Armed Forces, closes on 1 December 2022.

The Review looks to consider responses from LGBT veterans who served between 1967 and 2000, as well as anyone affected by the ban, those who helped to implement it, along with responses from friends, family and colleagues who are no longer able to respond.

Until 12 January 2000, there was a blanket ban on homosexuality in the Armed Forces and those serving who were or were perceived to be gay, lesbian or transgender could be dismissed or otherwise forced to leave.

The Government accepts that this historic policy was wrong and the Review now aims to understand, acknowledge and where appropriate, address the effect the ban has had on veterans, in particular in relation to members of the LGBT community in order to make recommendations as to how the Government can best fulfil its commitments set out in the Strategy for Our Veterans.

Evidence can be provided through:

Online response form

Downloading and emailing a questionnaire

Downloading and posting a questionnaire

Providing audio testimony

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