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Introduction to the RLC Website by Colonel RLC

Welcome to our new Royal Logistic Corps website.

If you are wondering what this website is for and who it is aimed at, well it is aimed at you! I hope that anyone can find our website informative and useful. If you are currently serving as a Royal Logistic Corps Regular or Reservist, this site will allow you to keep up-to-date on Corps events with news from our diverse range of Regiments or from one of the thousands of RLC soldiers and officers serving outside of regimental duty at home or abroad. In addition, if you have news, information or events you would like to share, you can contact our media and communications officer who will be able to help.

We would also like to assist retired members of the Corps family stay in touch through the website, just follow the links to the Association page and you can make contact with The Royal Logistic Corps and Forming Corps’Associations. The links will connect you to our Facebook page, contact details within the Regimental Headquarters and with a number of LinkedIn groups that will help you stay connected and may provide some networking opportunities.

We are also very keen to provide an opportunity to show the diversity, career opportunities and trades within The Royal Logistic Corps to those who are contemplating a career in the Army. The Careers page will give you a brief summary of the trades and career prospects for soldiers and officers within the Corps. The ‘Unit Finder’ function will assist prospective Reservist personnel to find the nearest RLC unit to you.  Also, if you have landed here by accident, have a look around and if you or anyone you know are thinking of a Career in the Army that provides a real challenge and an array of transferable skills, let them know about us, we are recruiting now – either full time Regular service or as a part time Reservist.

In closing, the staff within the Regimental Headquarters want to provide a website that is useful and informative, if you can think of any improvements please let us know.

We Sustain

The Royal Logistic Corps

Congratulations to RLC soldier LCpl Stu Elvin of the Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (MTMC), Bassingbourn Barracks, who has received two bronze medals at the World Rowing Indoor Championships 2021. LCpl Elvin has represented the Army in rowing for a number of years. Having individually qualified at the British Championships for the Men's (age 30-39) 500m to race at the World Championships, he was also selected to represent the Armed Forces in the Men's Team race. The races took place on 23 Feb 21, where LCpl achieved third place in his individual race and an hour later, he received another bronze medal as he played an integral part of the Armed Forces Men's Team. His commitment and success in rowing is nothing short of impressive with his ability to balance work, training and family life along with the ongoing restrictions of COVID-19. Competing in any sport at this level requires a unique strength and determination – something which the LCpl displays in abundance, putting in hours of solitary training, where he has had to use his mental resilience to push himself further than most would. ... See MoreSee Less
W O R L D _ R E C O R D _ A T T E M P TMajor Jacquie Barlow, OC at ITC Catterick is attempting a Guinness World Record by running 61 Half Marathons in 61 days, back to back______Challenging herself throughout, with the aim of raising money towards Macmillan Cancer Support after both herself and family received outstanding support from them when Major Barlow had a tumour back in 2011______ Please follow her story over the next few days and if you can kindly spare a donation then all shall be very much appreciated ... See MoreSee Less