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On Friday 2October 20, HRH Princess Anne visited the troops of The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) at Dalton Barracks, Oxfordshire. 

The soldiers of 4 Regiment RLC were heavily engaged on the frontline of Operation RESCRIPT- the Armed Forces’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic and as The RLC’s Colonel-in-Chief, The Princess Royal visited to meet some of those involved and to thank them on behalf of the grateful British public.

From April to July 20, the Regiment was involved in over 40 distinct tasks in support of the National Health Service and other government departments – more than any other unit in Defence- with over two hundred troops and three Squadron Headquarters being deployed across the length and breadth of England and Wales.  

During the visit, several stands depicting tasks the troops carried out during the pandemic provided a carefully constructed insight for Her Royal Highness. These included: the distribution and in-load of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a ventilator delivery demonstration and a Mobile Testing Unit set up.

HRH The Princess Royal presented awards to personnel in 4 Regt involved in Op RESCRIPT.

HRH also presented five Op RESCRIPT framed commemorative shields to five recipients, each of whom represented their squadron. Lance Corporal Mark Baker was proud to be one of the soldiers who received a shield which recognised the part he and his squadron played in helping the country to battle COVID-19. The LCpl played a vital role during Op RESCRIPT – he was responsible for much of the vehicle driver training and checking that the drivers’ necessary certification was up-to-date before they left the barracks. Speaking after the visit, LCpl Baker remarked:

“It felt very rewarding to have been involved with tackling the pandemic and I am proud to have played my part. I was excited when she [Princess Anne] came – it’s not every day that you get to meet a princess. We talked a bit about how everyone had pulled together and what my job was.”

Additionally, two commendations, awarded by the General Officer Standing Joint Command (UK), were also presented by The Princess. The first was received by Major Matt Tyers, the former OC of 4 Close Support Squadron which was responsible for the supply of PPE and ventilators throughout London and Greater London (including to London’s Guys and St Thomas’s hospitals), and the second to Major Jase Lowe of 33 General Support Squadron, whose Logistic Supply Specialists proved critical in capacity building within Other Governmental Departments (ODGs) nationwide as part of the Unit’s role as a Logistic Support Team (United Kingdom).