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Hougoumont Farm Opening Ceremony

The Corps Adjutant, Captain Bate and CRSM WO1 Meek represented the antecedent Corps of The Royal Logistic Corps The Royal Waggon Train at Hougoumont Farm on 17 June 2015, site of our battle honour Waterloo, at an opening ceremony of the restored farm and the unveiling of a monument to the British soldiers who fought during the battle. The RLC association was represented by Colonel (Retd) Gilbert and Major (Retd) Dalley. Wreaths were later laid by the Adjutant and Colonel.

The intimate ceremony was presided over by TRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, they were joined by Princess Astrid of Belgium; the Duke of Wellington, Prince Nikolaus von Blücher of Prussia and Prince Charles Bonaparte and saw the opening of the newly restored farmstead. Key to the restoration project has been the rebuilding of the north gates of the farm,kindly completed by the Petworth Estate, their closure after the French burst through was said by Wellington “to have sealed victory.

On 18 June 1815, allied British and Prussian forces faced Napoleon’s Army at the Battle of Waterloo. 8 Companies from the Royal Wagon Train were involved, along with 4 Companies of the Foreign Waggon Train. During the battle, allied forces took up defence of Hougoumont, a chateau and farm 5 kilometres south of Waterloo. Along with supporting the front lines, The Royal Waggon Train drove much-needed supplies through enemy lines to the desperate 3rd guard defending the chateau. The Train’s heroics at Hougoumont were adapted into 1891’s Waterloo, a short play by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

To mark the 200áµ—Ê° Anniversary BFPS in partnership with Headquarters The Royal Logistic Corps, has produced a special commemorative cover.

This beautifully crafted cover has an image of the painting “powder and shot” by Charles Stadden highlighting the resupply of ammunition by the Royal Wagon Train at a critical point in the defence of Hougoumont Farm. The cover bears the1st class postage stamp “WATERLOO Defence of Hougoumont” cancelled by the unique BFPS 3191 handstamp specially designed for this occasion.

The cover can be purchased online for £5 from the Corps Shop.

Photos Copyright Donald Wales