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Over the last year, 16 soldiers from The Royal Logistic Corps have successfully graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications.

This level seven qualification, taught by Ubi-Tech and accredited by the University of Wolverhampton, has been delivered as Continuous Professional Development to The RLC since August 2016.

All personnel who work within a communications capacity may attend the course, providing they have served for a minimum of three years since their trade training. During the programme, students spend three weeks being taught about the key design aspects of modern wireless and radio engineering, cellular networks and advanced wireless technologies during a period of classroom-based learning. After this, the research degree nature of the course means that the students then continue their learning by completing their own research in preparation for three assignments based on each course module. The qualification provides 60 UCAS points (one third of a Masters) so those students that wish to, can also go on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma.

The expectations on this course are high and all students who graduate and receive their award from the University, have completed their assignments to the required standard, passing the comprehensive marking process. Maria Hall, Ubi-Tech’s Operations Manager, commented:

“The dedication of all RLC students is admirable and they should be extremely proud of themselves.”

This year, the following RLC soldiers have graduated; all of whom will be taking part in a planned graduation ceremony at The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton in Summer 2021:

LCpl Steven Stupple, Cpl Mitchell Hussey, Cpl Dean Middleton, Cpl Jordan Keeling, Cpl Callum Miller, Cpl Matthew Frankham, Cpl Stuart Chadwick, Cpl Jamie Johnson, Cpl Carl Scott, Cpl Damian Blades, Sgt Craig Tapper, Sgt Adam Edris, Sgt Samuel Higgins, SSgt Jermaine Shaw, SSgt Nathan Flint, WO2 Kathryne Johnson.

Ubi-Tech is planning to hold the next course for RLC soldiers in Leconfield from the 13th – 26th February 2021. Anyone who is interested in enrolling should contact WO1 Mark Gill:

For more information, please visit the Ubi-Tech website here:

The Royal Logistic Corps

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