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Exercising a divisional war-fighting scenario

151 Regiment has finished a deployment on Ex IRON VIPER 19, an exercise which provided the opportunity to test a joint regular and reserve Squadron’s readiness for war-fighting at scale.

The exercise was a 101 Logistic Brigade led exercise focusing on the role of a Theatre Logistic Regiment in a divisional war-fighting scenario.

“The exercise provided continuous, purposeful training that tested our leadership and trade skills, in our pursuit of professional excellence, as part of 101 Logistic Brigade (The Iron Vipers),” said Maj Paul Herlihy, OC NRDC .

“By training hard, we jointly tested the robustness of the supply chain and the combat effectiveness of our soldiers. Ready to serve and deliver future logistic capabilities in support of 3 UK Division (The Iron Division).”

During the exercise, the Regt, along with other reserve elements from 157 & 154 Regiment, formed a composite Squadron as part of the Non-Regular Deployable Component (NRDC), supporting 10 The Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (10 QOGLR).

Reserve elements from 2 OSG and 103 Battalion REME were embedded within it providing additional support.

Using a mix of vehicle platforms, the NRDC collected and distributed supplies and materiel from the Midlands down into the South East of England, despite some challenging weather conditions.

The seamlessly integration of regular and reserve throughout the exercise demonstrated the importance of joint deployments.

The Royal Logistic Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps

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Exercise SEAHORSE INCREMENTUM is an Armoured Vehicle (AV) technical trade exercise for The Royal Logistic Corps’ Vehicle Support Specialist (VSS) trade. The aim of the exercise is to ensure that personnel in the trade remain compliant with Armoured Vehicle Standing Orders and that all personnel can operate AVs safely within the supply chain. Planned by 17 Regiment RLC on Salisbury Plain Training Area, the four-week exercise brings the VSS trade together to train on a variety of platforms from Challenger 2 to Panther. As the only trade group that operates all AVs outside of the Armoured Corps, VSS are key to delivering a vital logistic effect to its teeth arms, enabling essential logistic capability. The trade is able to receipt, store, manage, issue and move AVs through the supply chain safely, professionally and in a timely manner.The exercise was achievable with support from the Field Army unit DMIs, platforms from across the Iron Division and Team Rhino and Real-Life Support from 104 Logistic Support Brigade.17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC, Marchwood HQ 104 Logistic Support Brigade ... See MoreSee Less