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On August Bank Holiday Monday, 70 members of 101 Log Bde deployed to Farm 1, Sennybridge Training Area, to undertake a pre Cambrian Patrol training exercise.

The exercise was broken into 3 phases: The first phase was about exposing the teams to scenarios similar to those usually experienced on the Cambrian Patrol, but with a slant on education rather than assessment.

The second was a reserve integration weekend, where reserve units had the opportunity to attend and train alongside their regular counterparts.

The third phase was a mini patrol competition, which saw the teams conduct a 24hr FIND, FEEL and INTERDICT mission across some extremely arduous terrain.

All those who attended not only benefited from the training that was put on by members of 9 Regt Training Wing, but they also benefited greatly from being co-located with all the other teams across the brigade, allowing the sharing of best practice and experience.

The eventual winners of the mini patrol competition were 9 Regt themselves (it wasn’t a fix, honest!) closely followed by 10 QOGLR. Both teams performed admirably during the exercise covering over 35km with full kit during their respective missions; credit must go to both Lt Nick Covington and Lt Nick Travers for motivating their men during such a demanding 24hr period. However, all the teams that entered the exercise (1RLC, 3RLC, 4RLC, 9RLC, 10QOGLR, 3 REME, 4 REME, 103 REME) deserve great credit for their efforts and helping to ensure the smooth running of the exercise. Best wishes go out to all 101 Log Bde teams on this years Cambrian Patrol.

The Royal Logistic Corps

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