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On 10 May 15, Pte Hill and Pte Collingwood of 99 Squadron, 29 Regiment RLC deployed on EXERCISE ASKARI STORM in Kenya to assist with mail operations for the exercising Battle Group.

Pte Collingwood deployed to Nairobi as a newly qualified Postal and Courier (PC) Operator Class 2. Since arriving in Nairobi he has put his new trade skills to test, ensuring BATUK personnel are supplied with a high standard of mail services. Pte Hill deployed to Nanyuki, also as a Class 2 PC Operator and has operated in BATUK providing a high standard of service to permanent staff, dependants and Battle Group personnel.

Pte Hill is also a keen spinning instructor and has provided classes to BATUK personnel within her free time. During this 3 month exercise, Pte Hill still found time and organised a charity event; climbing Mount Kenya for the Army Widows Association.

This gruelling task in extreme conditions tested her over the five day period it took her to reach the summit. The terrain was testing and included a glacier climb and various rock climbing surfaces which were traversed in order to reach the summit at 5,000 metres.

The event was completed on 1 Jun 15 by Pte Hill and Cpl Price. It was down to their grit and determination that the pair was able to successfully complete this gruelling challenge in aid of a great cause.

29 Regt RLC are a fundamental part of the BATUK team, providing morale not only to permanent staff, but also all exercising troops serving overseas in Kenya. This success can only come down to the hard work and dedication of all PC Ops serving within theatre.




The Royal Logistic Corps

Congratulations to RLC soldier LCpl Stu Elvin of the Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (MTMC), Bassingbourn Barracks, who has received two bronze medals at the World Rowing Indoor Championships 2021. LCpl Elvin has represented the Army in rowing for a number of years. Having individually qualified at the British Championships for the Men's (age 30-39) 500m to race at the World Championships, he was also selected to represent the Armed Forces in the Men's Team race. The races took place on 23 Feb 21, where LCpl achieved third place in his individual race and an hour later, he received another bronze medal as he played an integral part of the Armed Forces Men's Team. His commitment and success in rowing is nothing short of impressive with his ability to balance work, training and family life along with the ongoing restrictions of COVID-19. Competing in any sport at this level requires a unique strength and determination – something which the LCpl displays in abundance, putting in hours of solitary training, where he has had to use his mental resilience to push himself further than most would. ... See MoreSee Less
W O R L D _ R E C O R D _ A T T E M P TMajor Jacquie Barlow, OC at ITC Catterick is attempting a Guinness World Record by running 61 Half Marathons in 61 days, back to back______Challenging herself throughout, with the aim of raising money towards Macmillan Cancer Support after both herself and family received outstanding support from them when Major Barlow had a tumour back in 2011______ Please follow her story over the next few days and if you can kindly spare a donation then all shall be very much appreciated ... See MoreSee Less