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As part of the Annual Deployment Exercise (ADE) for 162 Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corp, 150 Army Reserve and Regular Army Officers and Soldiers deployed to Warcop Training Centre in September 2015. During this exercise, the Regiment conducted a series of training packages aimed at increased core soldier skills, enhancing trade related competencies and maximising Op FORTIFY retention with challenging Adventurous Training.

The soldier development phase of the ADE saw soldiers complete a command and leadership package, as well as an unrivalled range package which took personnel from their APWT up to pairs live fire and manoeuvre; including a most challenging Section in Defence shoot.

The trade development packages, included Postal and Courier conventional operations working in austere environments, Movement Control operations focusing on Air and Railhead moves as well as personal development packages for the Regiments Chefs and Combat Human Resources Specialists.

In order to maximise retention with fun and variety, the Regimental also delivered a comprehensive AT package which included mountain biking, canoeing, abseiling, climbing, walking and clay pigeon shooting; that latter package also included a class room based phase allowed 47 people to gain an accredited qualification in Clay Pigeon shooting.

Whilst the two week ADE was hard work and uncompromising, all of those that attended have come away with a more refined skill set which will help them contribute more effectively to our end state of providing Movement Control and Postal and Courier support to the Regular Army.