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Ex LOGISTIC BOARDER 17 has yet again proved a great success with 68 boarders from across the Corps in attendance from 14 Jan ‘ 4 Feb 17.

This has been the most attended competition in recent years. Teams and individual boarders comprising of old hands of the sport to those that have never stepped foot on a board gathered in Flachau, Austria an area just south of Salzburg.

The main aim of the exercise is to introduce people to the sport, promote healthy competition and select a RLC Snowboarding team to represent the Corps at the Army Snowboarding Championships in Neustift, Austria in Mar 17.

With only a few injures to write home about this year, all members of Ex LB 17 mastered their fears and impressed the directing staff and judges throughout the exercise.

The weather conditions were amazing from day one, a challenging programme commenced, starting with a week of intensive training, prior to focusing on the specific competition disciplines ensured the most was gained from riders of all abilities.

The competition itself encompassed the Slalom, Slope Style and Boarder Cross disciplines which were run in accordance with Federation International Ski (FIS) rules and regulations.

This year saw the novice categories swell in numbers. The vast development from day one and pure robustness of, not just the novices, but the senior riders as well was impressive.

This is an encouraging sign for the development and uptake of the sport as a whole. The senior (open) riders kept pushing the limits of speed, agility and trick difficulties, tuning their skills for each competition to ultimately gain a coveted place on the Corps Team.

RLC Snowboarders would like to thank their chain of command and the Corps for supporting the sport whether through authorisation to attend the exercise, advice and guidance on getting teams or individuals to and from Flachau or supporting with grants.

For more information about RLC Snowboarding contact Capt K Halbert or Capt N Townley through DII or via the RLC Snowboarding page on Facebook.



Open Female ‘ SSgt C Le 6 Regt

Open Male ‘ Lt B Wardell 13 AASR

Novice Female ‘ Pte L Patrick 4 Regt

Novice Male ‘ LCpl J Donaldson 11 EOD


Slope Style (SS)

Open Female ‘ Pte K Webber-Marks 13 AASR

Open Male ‘ Lt B Wardell 13 AASR

Novice Female ‘ Pte J Postgate 4 Regt

Novice Male ‘ Pte J Cole 17 Port & Maritime


Boarder Cross (SBX)

Open Female ‘ SSgt C Le 6 Regt RLC

Open Male ‘ Lt B Wardell 13 AASR

Novice Female ‘ Pte J Postgate 4 Regt

Novice Male ‘ LCpl J Donaldson 11 EOD


Overall Winners

Regimental Open Champions ‘ 6 Regt

Regimental Novice Champions ‘ 10 QOGLR

Individual Open Female Champion ‘ SSgt C Le 6 Regt

Individual Open Male Champion ‘ Lt B Wardell 13 AASR

Individual Novice Female Champion ‘ Pte J Postgate 4 Regt

Individual Novice Male Champion ‘  LCpl J Donaldson 11 EOD

The Royal Logistic Corps

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