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Ex ARMY SUSTAINER welcomes Omani Army

This year the annual Army-wide catering competition Ex ARMY SUSTAINER 19 welcomed a team from the Royal Army of Oman, who competed in the Improvised class where they came second.

In addition, the Omani Army got involved in the Field class, two Grand Prix teams, one Live Pasta entry and one Live Hot Dessert entry. It was great to see them get involved in so many classes, producing excellent dishes. International teams are always welcome at the event to show-off their skills.

Meanwhile, competition was fierce across all the catering classes in Ex. This year some of the 16th Sustainment Brigade competed in the Live Fish and the Field competition.

In the Static class, exquisite cake decoration or sculptural skill, imagination and incredible design was demonstrated in all the entries.

A huge part of the competition involves improvisation. Whereas in the kitchen at home you cook a meal with a gas/electric hob and an oven, in Ex ARMY SUSTAINER chefs are challenged to cook a meal for 20 people using a self-made system. They have to improvise with their very basic kit and equipment and see what they can come up with.

And as always, incredible meals were cooked on the most basic of equipment.

This year, Michelin star awarded chef, Sat Bains, joined the chefs and shared his thoughts on cooking and the inspiration behind the development of his dishes and what drives him to strive for excellence.

Thanks go to him for his superb demonstration of his “Lenton Lane” dish, (the Sat Bains take on a rocky road was inspired by the notoriously bumpy road to his restaurant in Nottingham) and all of his insights.

The Royal Logistic Corps

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