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Corps Orienteering

Last week saw 20 Corps Orienteers in South Wales for Croeso 2016, the 5-day orienteering competition held every 4 years.

This year had 4 races close to Bridgend (2 in the sand dunes of Kenfig and 2 in the woods of Margam) and one on the moorlands above Tredegar.  We had a great week, which even 2 days of rain couldn’t dampen our spirits, with good orienteering challenges, pretty good underfoot conditions and good organisation from an army of volunteers.  There were a lot of great performances, with an overall podium position for Maj Barrett who came 1st on M45L and LCpl Fisher on M21V ‘ well done to both.  Other overall top ten were:

2nd ‘ M21V Pte Long, Sgt Beattie

4th ‘ Pte Lama M21V, WO2 Newham M35S,

5th ‘ Cpl Cox M21S

6th ‘ LCpl Kirantee M21V, WO2 Falls M35S,

7th ‘ Pte Webber M21V

8th ‘ Lt Col Hoff M50S

9th ‘ Pte Rai M21V, WO2 McComiskie M35L, Maj Andrews M45L


Pictures courtesy of Altitude Design.


The Royal Logistic Corps

Royal Logistic Corps Tartan from The Ministry of

The unique British-made range of RLC Tartan is officially registered and has been approved by The RLC. It incorporates the dark blue, gold and scarlet of the Corps’ stable belt and black represents respect for all fallen RLC comrades.

As official MOD Licensees, for every product sold connected to any of the Services, The Ministry of Tartan gives a percentage to the relevant Benevolent Fund.

RLC tartan scarves and other items are available to order online from The Ministry of Tartan website:
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