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Corps Orienteering

Last week saw 20 Corps Orienteers in South Wales for Croeso 2016, the 5-day orienteering competition held every 4 years.

This year had 4 races close to Bridgend (2 in the sand dunes of Kenfig and 2 in the woods of Margam) and one on the moorlands above Tredegar.  We had a great week, which even 2 days of rain couldn’t dampen our spirits, with good orienteering challenges, pretty good underfoot conditions and good organisation from an army of volunteers.  There were a lot of great performances, with an overall podium position for Maj Barrett who came 1st on M45L and LCpl Fisher on M21V ‘ well done to both.  Other overall top ten were:

2nd ‘ M21V Pte Long, Sgt Beattie

4th ‘ Pte Lama M21V, WO2 Newham M35S,

5th ‘ Cpl Cox M21S

6th ‘ LCpl Kirantee M21V, WO2 Falls M35S,

7th ‘ Pte Webber M21V

8th ‘ Lt Col Hoff M50S

9th ‘ Pte Rai M21V, WO2 McComiskie M35L, Maj Andrews M45L


Pictures courtesy of Altitude Design.


The Royal Logistic Corps

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