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Brigadier Anna Luedicke OBE becomes an RLC Colonel Commandant

The Royal Logistic Corps takes great pleasure in announcing that Brigadier Anna Luedicke OBE has been appointed a Colonel Commandant of the Corps.

Brigadier Anna is currently serving as the Head of the Commissioning and Managing Organisation within Defence Equipment & Support.

Colonels Commandants are responsible for guarding Corps traditions, fostering esprit de corps and representing Corps interests,  initiating and fostering civilian territorial connections and regimental alliances as well as advising on regimental matters when consulted.

They are selected by the Master General of Logistics (MGL) from serving or retired officers, normally of at least 1-Star rank. Appointments require the approval of the Sovereign. The tour of duty is initially for three years but this can be extended on MGL’s recommendation.

Brigadier Anna comments: “I am incredibly honoured by this appointment and look forward to promoting the Corps’ interests and traditions throughout my tenure.”

MGL, Major General Simon Hutchings OBE adds:  “Brigadier Anna is an exceptional officer with a raft of relevant experience that will bring gravitas and experience to the role. I am delighted that she is one of our Colonel Commandants.”