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7 Regt conducts community work in Kenya

7 Regiment is taking full advantage of its deployment to Kenya by engaging in community work to rebuild a bedroom in an orphanage and repair cooking facilities in a school.

During the preparatory phases of Ex ASKARI STORM, many members of the CSS Gp have also taken the opportunity to explore the country and its incredible wildlife with trips to the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve, the Black Rhino Lodge Nature Reserve and Mount Kenya.

The promotion of four deployed Ptes has brought welcome celebration to the CSS Gp. In addition, the Commanding Officer, Lt Col Edwards, has flew out to Kenya to visit the CSS group and to award Commanding Officer’s Coins to SSgt Webb (SQMS) and LCpl Noble (LAD) to recognise excellent efforts made to deploy in in such good order.

Now in its third week of deployment and with all the preparatory work completed, the Regt’s troops are looking forward to moving on to the exercise phases.