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The RLC excels at Field Gun

This year nine RLC soldiers and officers were involved in the British Forces Cyprus Field Gun Brickwoods Trophy competition 2019.

Since the establishment of the British Forces Cyprus Field Gun team in 2018, members of The RLC have made up a large portion of the squad each year. This year they played their part in both in the gun crew and the administration team.

The RLC members who took part were: Capt Miller (PC Tp), WO2 Charles (Queen’s Harbour Master), Sgt Lloyd (VSS), Cpl Bishop (VSS), Cpl Holmes (Ammo Tp), LCpl Dixon (VSS), LCpl Healey (Ammo Tp), LCpl Jajumba (VSS) and Pte Myers (PC Tp).

The Brickwoods Trophy, hosted by HMS Collingwood in Fareham, spans over two days and is the ultimate demonstration of military Field Gun in its current form. Teams come from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force and the Army.

Each gun crew is made up of 18 members. Against the clock and in competing lanes with six other teams, the crews must assemble the one tonne gun and limber, drag them to two separate firing points, fire off three rounds at each firing point, conduct wheel changes and drag them ‘home’ in the fastest time possible and amassing the least amount of penalties.

Prior to the competition, the BFC Field Gun team underwent a four-week intensive training camp where crew members were turned from field gun novices to functioning members of a gun crew. Behind the scenes, the administration team were overcoming the logistical challenges which come with moving an antique gun 2000 miles from HMS Collingwood to RAF Akrotiri and back again.

The Royal Logistic Corps

Royal Logistic Corps Tartan from The Ministry of

The unique British-made range of RLC Tartan is officially registered and has been approved by The RLC. It incorporates the dark blue, gold and scarlet of the Corps’ stable belt and black represents respect for all fallen RLC comrades.

As official MOD Licensees, for every product sold connected to any of the Services, The Ministry of Tartan gives a percentage to the relevant Benevolent Fund.

RLC tartan scarves and other items are available to order online from The Ministry of Tartan website:
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