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Postal & Courier Operator wins Best Amateur Soldier Photo

LCpl Paul-Rui Penu, 35 who was born in Ghana and is a Postal & Courier Operator at 29 Regiment RLC has always been very passionate about photography. This year he won the Best Amateur Soldier photo category in the annual Army Photography Competition. He tells us about his passion for photography…

How did you feel when you won?

“When I was told that I was the winner of the amateur Soldiering, I was over the moon. It was the first time I had ever entered into a photography competition and won.

I was buzzing! Everything I knew about photography was self thought so to me it was a remarkable achievement. This has given me the confidence and the inspiration to keep shooting.”

When did you get into photography?

“From an early age I have loved taking photographs of almost anything I can make a picture out of. When  I am not soldiering, I am taking photos when ever I can. I live, breath, talk and almost sleep photography – It is my passion.

Most people who’ve followed me online over the years will know me as a photographer rather than a soldier perhaps through my Landscape photos and my candid shots of people which I have been sharing via social media. But I am always seen with my camera whenever there is a Regimental/Squadron activity. ”

Whats your favourite style of photography?

“I have a great passion for black and white Imagery. I always feel that with black and white photography, I can control moods, highlight details that one will normally not see in colour images. Ultimately, with black and white photography, I can enhance the ability to tell a story through imagery, and as a result almost 80% of my photography is in black and white.”

Are you looking to pursue a career in photography in the Army? 

“I am looking at transferring to the Army Photographic team in the future. Photography is my calling, my passion, and the one thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday”