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3 Regt hosts strongman competition

Britain’s strongest man visited the HQ of 3 Regiment to a play host to a sporting event being held to raise money for charity.

Glenn Ross visited Dalton Barracks in order to help it hold its very own inaugeral strongest man and woman competition.

The competition was held to raise money for SSAFA, Mind, Combat Stress and the Royal British Legion.

Organiser Wayne Ball said: “What fantastic day with incredible support from everyone that came and spectated, provided food/drink and entertainment, thank you.”

“Thank you to the competitors that provided a fantastic show and the work party without which, the event wouldn’t have run as smoothly.”

Results were as follows:

  1. Cpl Ossy K Muskwe
  2. Lcpl Butler
  3. Ssgt volavola


  1. Capt Becky Wakefield
  2. Pte Rich
  3. Pte Miller