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3 Reg Royal guard duty honour

Soldiers from Abingdon based 3 Regiment swapped their role of supply for a bit of spit and polish as they took on the honour of guarding Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family at the Royal Palaces.

Usually these troops are more accustomed to driving heavy trucks across great distances delivering all the equipment needed to keep a modern day Army sustained, but for six weeks they have been thrust into the international limelight as they took the place of the Queen’s Guard.

The troops spent weeks in preparation, learning the intricate drill movements they needed to be the public face of the British Army on show in front of millions.

As one would expect for such a prestigious role, uniforms needed to be nothing short of immaculate and before every guard mounting hours of boot polishing, starching and ironing was completed so each soldier would pass muster.

Each period of guard duty lasts two days and when mounting the guard in London, the troops assembled on the parade square in Wellington Barracks, which overlooks Buckingham Palace.

After their final inspection and in front of five thousand craning spectators, they then snapped to attention and stepped off marching out of the barrack gates and across the forecourt of the Palace for the time honoured changing of the guard ceremony.

The Royal Logistic Corps

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