The British Army is justifiably proud of its regimental system that is the envy of other Armies for the way the esprit de corps is developed and maintained. The purpose of The RLC Association is to promote and maintain the Corps identity through the encouragement of its membership, Regular and Reservist, serving and retired and their dependants.

This includes preserving a sense of pride in our heritage – in both The RLC and its Forming Corps – promoting comradeship and fraternity, providing opportunities for sport and in creating an ethos of benevolence for those in need.

Membership of Regimental associations is more than a way of showing support, it is about belonging to and feeling affinity for one’s Corps. Members seek commitment, camaraderie, enjoyment and respect and a desire to belong to a family group rather than an organisation. They must feel that they are accepted, affirmed and appreciated as individuals. Membership of the Association requires some form of commitment by both the member and the Association.

Members traditionally show their commitment and support through paying a membership fee, and supporting Corps activities, while the Association provides value for money to members by producing publications, and hosting events which members can attend and enjoy.


All serving officers and soldiers are automatically members of the Association and many contribute to the Days Pay scheme. Membership is open to all serving members of The Reserve and all retired people who have served in the Regular or Reserves with The RLC or with the RASC/RCT, RAOC, RPC, ACC or the RE(P&CS)

The RHQ writes to all leavers inviting them to join the Association . These letters are sent to the unit addresses provided by APC Glasgow, although it is often the case that the individual has left the unit, and the letter is not forwarded.

Full Membership includes the following publications; 4 Sustainers, The RLC Review and the Annual Newsletter. Membership costs are as follows: £15 for UK Members, £18 for Europe based members and £22 for the rest of the world.


The main Corps event each year is The RLC Corps Open Day and Corps Sunday Church Service, which takes place over the first weekend in July at Deepcut the Open Day takes place on the Dettingen playing fields, by the Married Quarters.

An extensive display of Corps military hardware is presented by our Regiments and trades. In the morning the Corps Sports Awards take place, with the presentations made by a celebrity sports personality, which last year was Kriss Akabusi. Sports competitions including football, rugby, cricket and Tug of War. Arena displays include Free Fall Parachuting, motorcycling, Tent Pegging and Military Bands. There is also a Fair Ground, and refreshments are on sale throughout the day. In the evening there is a musical Party in the Park, when The RLC Band entertain everyone with a variety of music to suit all tastes.

The Church Service on the Sunday takes place in St Barbara’s Church after the Veterans salute and March Past the Corps Memorial.

The RLC Remembrance Sunday Drumhead Service takes place on the Parade Square in the Princess Royal Barracks, and is followed by lunch.

Details for these two events are published in the Sustainer.


The RLC Association Trust distributes benevolence grants on behalf of the Corps. Regular serving officers and soldiers, forming officers and soldiers, their spouses and children under eighteen, are eligible for benevolence assistance, and funds will always be provided to those in need. Veterans of our Forming Corps and their eligible dependants will also receive support. Benevolence support for serving and retired Reserve personnel is restricted to those with long service or those that have deployed on operations.

Association Branch Locations


There are two Branches, one in Cyprus and the other in the Channel Islands.

  • RLC Controller Welfare
    Regimental Headquarters The Royal Logistic Corps
    The Princess Royal Barracks
    GU16 6RW
    Telephone: 01252 833376
    Fax: 01252 833390
    DII/F: RLC RHQ-Wel-Controller-SO2
    Email: controller@rhqtherlc.org.uk


There are 53 branches nation-wide.

RASC & RCT Association

Membership is open to all those who previously served in the Royal Army Service Corps and the Royal Corps of Transport. There are 54 Branches located throughout the country, which hold regular meetings and get-togethers. These Branches also support local military veteran events, such as parading on Remembrance Sunday. The Waggoner Newsletter is distributed twice a year to all members. The Membership Fee is £6.00 for life.

RASC & RCT Officers’ Club

Membership is open to all those officers who previously commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) and the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT). The Club organises lunches and dinners throughout the year, and with the Association hold a church service in Aldershot on the Sunday nearest the 15 July, the date on which the RCT was formed in 1965. The Waggoner Newsletter is distributed twice a year, and the Blue Book every two years. Membership subscription is £10.00 per year.

For further information contact:
The Secretary RASC & RCT
Dettingen House
The Princess Royal Barracks
GU16 6RW

Telephone: 01252 833376
Email: rascrctsec@rhqtherlc.org.uk
Or:      controller@rhqtherlc.org.uk


There are 22 regional trade and sports based branches, and an online branch. There is also the RAOC Officer’s club.

  • RAOC Secretary,
    Dettingen House
    The Princess Royal Barracks
    GU16 6RW
    Telephone: 01252 833376
    Email: raocassociation@rhqtherlc.org.uk


  • ACC Association
    Dettingen House
    GU16 6RW
    Telephone: 01252 833393
    Email: secretary@accassociation.org


  • The Controller
    RPC Association
    23 Pioneer Regiment RLC
    St David’s Barracks
    Graven Hill
    O26 6HF
    Telephone: 01889 360694
    Email: royalpioneercorps@gmail.com
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Join the Association

Download the application forms here:

Membership Form
Direct Debit Form

The Days Pay Scheme

Introduced in 1964, this Army-wide system is for voluntary subscriptions to Corps charities from all serving Regular Officers and soldiers. The RLC Reserves have a separate scheme also based on individual contributions.

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