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Reserve Soldier Careers

The average person spends 15 days a year surfing the web in their spare time. Why not get paid for doing something really useful?

Each RLC unit is part of the same Corps as the Regular Army, so you will learn the same trade skills as a full-time soldier. In regional units, you’ll work and train at your local centre and usually spend one evening a week there for a training night.

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You’ll get away for weekends and on an 2-week annual training exercise, where you can develop your skills, train with other soldiers (both regulars and reservists) or get involved with adventurous training activities like sailing or mountain biking.

National units recruit from all over the UK. More specialised, they’re aimed at people who already have specialist skills, but some will train from scratch. If you want to use the skills from your day job in the Army Reserve, a national unit could be the place for you.

Life in The Reserve Army

Initial training (also known as Phase 1 or basic training) is where you’ll learn to become a soldier. You’ll be taught about how the Army works as well as learning survival and fieldcraft skills, first aid and how to use personal weapons. Plus, you’ll work on your fitness levels. At the end you’ll pass out with your friends in front of your family. Basic training like all reservist training is flexible and can be arranged to fit in around your day job. You don’t have to do all the training at once. It can be completed in shorter modules or in one go depending on your circumstances.

Following successful completion of your basic training you will undertake trade training in your trade specialism. RLC reservists can qualify in any of the following trades:

Reserve Soldier Trades

rlc chef


Produce nutritious meals in static kitchens or on the move in the field.

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rlc driver


We need drivers to deliver vital supplies including fuel, water and ammo forward into battle.

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rlc Driver Communication Specialist

Driver Communication Specialist

You work closely with officers and set up communications systems on operations.

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rlc logistic specialist

Logistic Specialist (Supply)

Responsible for the issue, storage and receipt of all army supplies.

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rlc Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer

Maintain, repair and keep all the moving parts of the RLC’s marine vessels working.

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rlc mariner


Navigate sea-going craft used for transporting troops and supplies.

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rlc Movement Controller

Movement Controller

Ensure the safe and efficient movement of troops, vehicles and supplies around the world.

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rlc Petroleum Operator

Petroleum Operator

Store, handle and deliver petroleum products to where they are needed, wherever they are needed.

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how much time will it take cta
rlc port operator

Port Operator

Provide the tactical, safe and effective loading and discharging of military vessels around the world.

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rlc Postal and Courier Operator

Postal & Courier Operator

Ensure the secure delivery of mail for all three services.

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Interested in joining the RLC as a Reserve soldier?

Then call the National Recruiting Centre on 0345 600 8080 for more information. Or you can find contact details for The RLC’s Reserve Regiments on the Army websites location map.

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Reserve Soldier Videos


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Reserve soldiers are paid in line with their Regular counterparts


The Royal Logistic Corps

Royal Logistic Corps Tartan from The Ministry of

The unique British-made range of RLC Tartan is officially registered and has been approved by The RLC. It incorporates the dark blue, gold and scarlet of the Corps’ stable belt and black represents respect for all fallen RLC comrades.

As official MOD Licensees, for every product sold connected to any of the Services, The Ministry of Tartan gives a percentage to the relevant Benevolent Fund.

RLC tartan scarves and other items are available to order online from The Ministry of Tartan website:
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A/LCPL Kwarteng and A/LCPL Kwame-Tanoh of 64 Squadron, 6 Regiment RLC, who have been attached to BATUK for the past four weeks, have paid a visit to the Hope & Home Orphanage in Nanyuki, Kenya where they made food donations to the Charity.

The two soldiers decided to raise funds from friends and family in the UK via Facebook, raising a total of £150 (KSH 22,000.00) which was used to purchase much needed supplies for the orphans.

#BritishArmyLogistics #WeSustain
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