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Regular Soldier Careers

With 16 trades to choose from, the RLC has something for everyone.

Learn about your career progression and find your future trade by checking out the information below.

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Promotion & Career Progression is Clearly Defined in The Army

rlc private


Once you’ve finished your Phase 1 (basic) training, you’ll start your career as a Private. Following Phase 2 (Combat Logistician) and your trade training (Phase 3) you will join your unit.

rlc lance corporal


Promotion to Lance Corporal may follow after about 3 years as a Private. Lance Corporals supervise small teams of up to four soldiers. You’ll also have the chance to upgrade your specialist trade training.

rlc corporal


After 6-8 years, depending on your ability, you’ll be promoted to Corporal. You’ll have the chance to gain advanced trade and instructor qualifications. You’ll command more soldiers and could be in control of equipment like a Mexi-Float.

rlc sergeant


Once you’ve served for around 12 years, you may be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. This is a senior role and usually involves being second of command of a troop of up to 35 soldiers. You’ll also be working closely with junior officers.

rlc staff sergeant


A Staff Sergeant is a senior role where you’ll rely on both your resource and man management skills. You may command a troop, or could be selected to undertake a senior instructing role.

rlc wo2


Also known as a Squadron Sergeant Major, or Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Major, when you reach this rank, your job is a technical lead or to focus on the training, welfare and discipline of a squadron and advise the Major in charge of your subunit.

rlc wo1


Or Regimental Sergeant Major. This is the senior soldier rank and you will have served for about 18 years, with an outstanding record. The role involves the leadership, discipline and welfare responsibilities of up to 650 people. You could also be a head of trade.

The 16 RLC Trades

rlc ammunition technician

Ammunition Technician

Ammo Techs inspect, repair and destroy ammunition. They also train to be bomb disposal operators supporting the police and military ops.

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rlc chef


Produce nutritious meals in static kitchens or on the move in the field.

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rlc driver


We need drivers to deliver vital supplies including fuel, water and ammo forward into battle.

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rlc driver air despatcher

Driver Air Despatcher

You drop provisions, equipment and vehicles from aircraft to supply military operations or to support disaster relief.

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rlc Driver Communication Specialist

Driver Communication Specialist

You work closely with officers and set up communications systems on operations.

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rlc logistic specialist

Logistic Specialist (Supply)

Responsible for the issue, storage and receipt of all army supplies.

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rlc Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer

Maintain, repair and keep all the moving parts of the RLC’s marine vessels working.

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rlc mariner


Navigate sea-going craft used for transporting troops and supplies.

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rlc Movement Controller

Movement Controller

Ensure the safe and efficient movement of troops, vehicles and supplies around the world.

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rlc Petroleum Operator

Petroleum Operator

Store, handle and deliver petroleum products to where they are needed, wherever they are needed.

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rlc army photographer

Army Photographer

You capture images of combat zones, parades, sport and army life, creating content for army and national media.

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rlc port operator

Port Operator

Provide the tactical, safe and effective loading and discharging of military vessels around the world.

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rlc Postal and Courier Operator

Postal & Courier Operator

Ensure the secure delivery of mail for all three services.

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rlc system analyst

System Analyst

Travel all over the world, managing and maintaining IT systems that aid logistics, fixing problems with networks and operating systems.

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rlc Tank Transporters

Tank Transporter

You operate the 900hp Heavy Equipment Transporter. You load main battle tanks and heavy equipment and deliver it to the right location

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rlc Vehicle Support Specialists

Vehicle Support Specialists

You keep the Army supplied with vehicles. You maintain, service and drive all the army vehicle types in many different types of conditions

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Whatever your interests, become soldier in The RLC because we have a career to suit you.

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