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Regular Officer Careers

To meet the demands of the job, RLC officers have to be highly versatile and organised, resourceful and adaptable.

Your initial commission is for 12 years, you can typically expect to reach the rank of
Captain after three years’ commissioned service.

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As a 2Lt you will command a Troop of between 20-70 soldiers in barracks, on exercise and on operations.

Opportunities for a bachelor’s degree (from Lincoln University) via accreditation or the opportunity for full time degrees at civilian universities. Further options for masters and even PHD level accreditation are available.

We are the only cap badge to offer Professional Technical Courses for our Regular Young Officers.

Promotion & Career Progression is Clearly Defined in The Army

rlc 2nd lieutenant


Your first rank after commissioning. It’s held for 1-year, during which time you’ll complete your troop commander’s course. Afterwards you’ll be responsible for leading up to 30 soldiers in a troop, both in training and on operations.

rlc lieutenant


Lieutenant is a rank typically held for up to 2 years. You’ll command a troop of around 30 soldiers, but with experience come increased responsibilities within your unit. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend one of the RLC’s professional training courses.

rlc captain


As a Captain, you’ll normally be second in command of a sub-unit. You’ll play an important role in the planning and decision-making process, with tactical responsibility for operations on the ground as well as equipment maintenance, logistic support and manpower.

rlc major


After 8 and 10 years, you could promote to Major. You’ll be given command of a sub-unit of about 120 soldiers and officers. You’ll look after their training and welfare, leading them on operations. You will also complete a staff appointment.

rlc lieutenant colonel


At this rank, you’ll either command a unit of up to 650 soldiers or perform an intermediate staff role. As a CO, you’ll be responsible for the overall operational effectiveness of your unit; this includes military capability, welfare and discipline.

rlc colonel


Most Colonels work as staff officers, but a few have command appointments, such as training establishments. They are key advisers to the very senior officers on the staff and in operational commands.

rlc brigadier


Also known as a 1 star General, Brigadiers in the Army will command a wide range of formations and also fill senior appointments on the Army Staff, such as Chief of Staff of a Division.

rlc major general


Also known as a 2 star General, Major Generals command divisions of the Army. They will hold very senior positions in the Ministry of Defence and other in other headquarters, both in the UK and abroad.

rlc lieutenant general


Also known as a 3 star general,  Lieutenant Generals command Corps, and other equivalent commands in the UK and overseas. They work at the very highest levels of the Ministry of Defence and Army HQ, such as Assistant Chief of the General Staff.

rlc general


Also known as a 4 star General, this is the most senior rank in the British Army and you will find that people at this rank include the Chief of Defence Staff and the Chief of the General Staff.

Professional Technical Courses

RLC Ammunition Technical Officer Course

Ammunition Technical Officer Course

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rlc petroleum operator course

Petroleum Operator Course

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Officer Contracts Course

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rlc port-maritime-operations-officer-course

Port & Maritime Operations Officer Course

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Did you know you can apply for a gap year commission?

If accepted, after spending 8 weeks at Sandhurst, you will spend the rest of your year serving in a Regular unit, with Regular Officers and Soldiers and will earn a salary of around £18,000.

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The Royal Logistic Corps

321 EOD & Search Squadron of 11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC hosted a special guest, the Colonel-in-Chief, HRH The Princess Royal, as part of its anniversary commemorating 50 years of operations in Northern Ireland. The Sqn was also joined by the Colonel RLC, Colonel Jon West ADC.

11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC is widely dispersed across 14 locations in the UK. The Regiment routinely responds to around 2,500 operational EOD and Search call-outs each year in support of the police and other major events.

As the sole EOD & Search capability in Northern Ireland, 321 Sqn have a significant workload, operating constantly at Extremely High Readiness and responding operationally several hundred times each year. Last year, the Sqn completed 271 EOD tasks and 64 Search tasks.

The Regiment and Squadron employ specialists from multiple cap badges, principally RLC, Royal Engineers and Royal Signals.

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The Corps’ vision for 2025 and beyond is bold:

‘A world-class, innovative and adaptable Corps, sustaining continuous activity at home and around the globe. All underpinned by a people-focussed ethos and the exploitation of data and cutting-edge technology.’

The RLC is a unique Corps in terms of size, diversity and experience. No-one can do what it does. But to achieve the Corps’ vision, the Corps’ methods, capabilities and required skills must change.

To achieve this, four objectives will address: People & Ethos, Exploiting Technology, External Integration and Communication and Influence. The RLC has a huge amount to offer the Nation. Please read the strategy, talk about it, be proud of it and share your ideas to help it to evolve.

To explain this further, The RLC’s Strategy on a page can be seen below.

The full strategy paper (less Annexes) can be found on Defence Connect using this link:

#BritishArmyLogistics #WeSustain

1 Regt RLC 3 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps 4 Regiment RLC 6 Regiment RLC 7 Regiment RLC 9 Regiment RLC Commander The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment 11 EOD&S Regiment RLC 13 Air Assault Support Regiment 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC, Marchwood 25 Regiment RLC 27 Regiment RLC 29 Regiment RLC 150 Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps 151 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps Army Drivers Northern Ireland 154 Scottish Regiment RLC 156 Regiment RLC 157 Regiment RLC 158 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps 159 Regiment RLC 162 Regiment RLC 165 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC 167 Catering Support Regiment RLC 2 Operational Support Group RLC HQ 104 Logistic Support Brigade 102 Logistic Brigade
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