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Civilian life not what you expected? Or are you currently serving and in need of a new challenge? The RLC could be your answer.

If you want to re-trade, or transfer to The RLC, you must find out if we have a vacancy in your preferred trade. All job opportunities in The RLC are listed in Official Army Vacancies List (OAVL).

The OAVL is designed to identify areas in which trade vacancies exist for interested personnel. The OAVL should be considered as a guide and if there is not a suitable employment opportunity listed, but the applicant has an expressed desire to join an alternative trade for which they are qualified, the case will be reviewed by the appropriate Manning Brick prior to the commencement of the application process.

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The Regular Army Transfer policy and process is outlined in 2014DIN01-014 – Regular Army Transfer Policy and the form on which someone may apply is AF B241A.

Units have a key role in aiding successful transfers and must not delay or decline an application, irrespective of their current manning situation.

Just as army personnel may apply to transfer to the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, the Army will also consider applications for transfer from the other Services.

For personnel currently serving the OVAL can be found on the Defence Intranet.

Looking to Re-Join or Re-Trade?


If you left the Regular Army within the last three years and had two years, or more, left on your contract, you could be fast-tracked back into the Army and serving again in four weeks or less. Call 0345 600 8080 or follow the link to the Army Jobs website for more.

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Want To Re-trade?

Thinking of re-trading and want to find a new career within the RLC? First you must see if there are job opportunities in the latest OVAL. The RLC’s re-trade policy and application process can be found in Annex H to RLC Corps Instruction H18.

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Feel like a change in direction? Have you considered retrading?

The Royal Logistic Corps is looking for the following:

rlc ammunition technician

Ammunition Technician

Ammo Techs inspect, repair and destroy ammunition. Bomb disposal operators support the police and military operations.

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rlc logistic specialist

Logistic Specialist (Supply)

Responsible for the issue, storage and receipt of all army supplies.

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rlc Vehicle Support Specialists

Vehicle Support Specialists

The RLC’s VSS keep the Army supplied with vehicles. They  maintain, service and drive all army vehicles.

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rlc Movement Controller

Movement Controller

Ensure the safe and efficient movement of troops, vehicles and supplies around the world.

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rlc mariner


Navigate sea-going craft used for transporting troops and supplies.

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rlc Petroleum Operator

Petroleum Operator

Store, handle and deliver petroleum products to where they are needed, wherever they are needed.

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rlc driver


We need drivers to deliver vital supplies including fuel, water and ammo forward into battle.

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rlc Driver Communication Specialist

Driver Communication Specialist

You work with officers and set up communications systems on operations.

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rlc Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer

Maintain, repair and keep all the moving parts of the RLC’s marine vessels working.

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rlc Postal and Courier Operator

Postal & Courier Operator

Deployed across the world, you ensure the secure delivery of mail for all three services.

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rlc Tank Transporters

Tank Transporter

You work with the 900hp HET. You load  main battle tanks and heavy equipment delivering it to the right location

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Reserve to Regular – Thinking of transferring from the Reserves to the Regular RLC? Look for job opportunities on the OAVL. The policy and process for applying to joining the Regular RLC, from the Reserves, is similar to the internal Regular Army Transfer policy and is contained within 2014DIN01-213. Applicants should apply to transfer on an AF B241B and units will be required to supply background details to enable APC career managers to make a decision.

Army Reserve Opportunities – The OAVL no longer displays Reserve opportunities. An Army Reserve Job List exists on the MS Web and ArmyNet. The lists shows all 30,000 Reserve positions and has a postcode look up to allow Reservists to see what jobs are available in their area. Further details can be found in ABN 16/15. The policy and process for Regular soldiers and officers transferring to the Army Reserve can be found in 2015DIN01-157.

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