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Arduous Roles

The RLC supports the UK Armed Forces on land sea and in the air and personnel receive the necessary arduous role training, where required.

13 Air Assault Support Regiment is provides combat service support to 16 Air Assault Brigade and the Logistics Support Squadron RLC forms part of 3 Commando Brigade’s Commando Logistics Regiment.

Selected soldiers within the Mariner trade complete the Army Diver course, one of the most physically and mentally demanding courses and roles within the Army. All RLC officers and soldiers can volunteer for ‘selection’ for service with the Special Forces. While not mandatory, for all roles, soldiers and officers supporting airborne and commando forces have the opportunity to become Para and Commando trained.

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Arduous Roles

rlc para


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rlc commando


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rlc army diver

Army Diver

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rlc special forces

Special Forces

UKSF do not recruit direct. While all those serving can apply for selection most come from an Airborne or Commando forces background. Selections happen twice a year.

when you serve in the rlc you are a soldier first. following basic training soldiers complete the combat logistician course before moving on to their units and specialist trade training

The course delivers driving licence acquisition training up to C+E and tactical training, through the delivery of an enhanced common mounted battle craft syllabus

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Arduous Roles Videos

the joint helicopter support squadron

Deployed at short notice to anywhere in the world the JHSS provides ground support to the Helicopter Force

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The allied rapid reaction corps support regiment

The ARRC Support Regiment provides logistic support to NATO’s high readiness land force

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