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Arduous Roles

The RLC supports the UK Armed Forces on land sea and in the air and personnel receive the necessary arduous role training, where required.

13 Air Assault Support Regiment is provides combat service support to 16 Air Assault Brigade and the Logistics Support Squadron RLC forms part of 3 Commando Brigade’s Commando Logistics Regiment.

Selected soldiers within the Mariner trade complete the Army Diver course, one of the most physically and mentally demanding courses and roles within the Army. All RLC officers and soldiers can volunteer for ‘selection’ for service with the Special Forces. While not mandatory, for all roles, soldiers and officers supporting airborne and commando forces have the opportunity to become Para and Commando trained.

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Arduous Roles

rlc para


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rlc army diver

Army Diver

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rlc special forces

Special Forces

UKSF do not recruit direct. While all those serving can apply for selection most come from an Airborne or Commando forces background. Selections happen twice a year.

when you serve in the rlc you are a soldier first. following basic training soldiers complete the combat logistician course before moving on to their units and specialist trade training

The course delivers driving licence acquisition training up to C+E and tactical training, through the delivery of an enhanced common mounted battle craft syllabus

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Arduous Roles Videos

the joint helicopter support squadron

Deployed at short notice to anywhere in the world the JHSS provides ground support to the Helicopter Force

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The allied rapid reaction corps support regiment

The ARRC Support Regiment provides logistic support to NATO’s high readiness land force

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The Royal Logistic Corps

321 EOD & Search Squadron of 11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC hosted a special guest, the Colonel-in-Chief, HRH The Princess Royal, as part of its anniversary commemorating 50 years of operations in Northern Ireland. The Sqn was also joined by the Colonel RLC, Colonel Jon West ADC.

11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC is widely dispersed across 14 locations in the UK. The Regiment routinely responds to around 2,500 operational EOD and Search call-outs each year in support of the police and other major events.

As the sole EOD & Search capability in Northern Ireland, 321 Sqn have a significant workload, operating constantly at Extremely High Readiness and responding operationally several hundred times each year. Last year, the Sqn completed 271 EOD tasks and 64 Search tasks.

The Regiment and Squadron employ specialists from multiple cap badges, principally RLC, Royal Engineers and Royal Signals.

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The Corps’ vision for 2025 and beyond is bold:

‘A world-class, innovative and adaptable Corps, sustaining continuous activity at home and around the globe. All underpinned by a people-focussed ethos and the exploitation of data and cutting-edge technology.’

The RLC is a unique Corps in terms of size, diversity and experience. No-one can do what it does. But to achieve the Corps’ vision, the Corps’ methods, capabilities and required skills must change.

To achieve this, four objectives will address: People & Ethos, Exploiting Technology, External Integration and Communication and Influence. The RLC has a huge amount to offer the Nation. Please read the strategy, talk about it, be proud of it and share your ideas to help it to evolve.

To explain this further, The RLC’s Strategy on a page can be seen below.

The full strategy paper (less Annexes) can be found on Defence Connect using this link:

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