Wounded Injured and Sick Personnel

WISMIS is the Wounded injured and Sick Management System database, which logs all wounded, injured and sick soldiers to be able to monitor their progress.

Army Policy for the management of Wounded and Injured and Sick (WIS) personnel is set by the Personnel Recovery Branch in Army HQ and Executed via Headquarters Support Command and the functional elements of the Army Recovery Capability (ARC).

The Army Recovery Capability (ARC) ensures the wounded, injured or sick soldiers have access to the key services and resources:-

  • A tailored individual recovery plan owned and driven by you with support as necessary.
  • A single point of contact – an appointed Personnel Recovery Officer (PRO) to provide direction and support.
  • Access to a whole range of supporting Service charities who can offer further opportunities and financial support to assist recovery.
  • Personnel Recovery Centres offering a conducive military environment within which to conduct rehabilitation and recovery activity.
  • Additional employment support from the Recovery Career Services.

However, the Corps Colonel as the proponent for the RLC Personnel DloD has capbadge duty of care for Corps personnel, wherever they are serving in the Army and therefore has a remit to monitor the status of RLC WIS personnel and provide assistance where required. This supporting effect is primarily focused on acute WIS cases, soldiers in Personnel Recovery Units (PRUs) and individuals who have been registered on the WIS Management Information System (WISMIS) for over 100 days.

The RHQ has a WISMIS account, which gives visibility of all RLC WIS personnel and is equally monitored by personnel recovery manager. The aim of this monitoring is not to ‘police’ units but rather offer capbadge support to the chain of command, where appropriate.

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