Transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one for service personnel. The Corps aims to support and guide service leavers in the best way they can, however, transition is a personnel responsibility, and we encourage individuals to use the opportunities and support offered to them. It is important to remember that transition can support Army Service Personnel at any time in a military career.

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) – provides the Armed Forces resettlement support on behalf of the MOD to Service Leavers at the end of a military career. CTP provides resettlement support, career advice and training opportunities to all ranks based on entitlement. CTP support is available for all service leavers:-

Core Resettlement Programme (CRP) – available to those who have served more than 6 years and all medical discharges regardless of time served).

Employment Support Programme (ESP) – available to those who have served between four and six years.

Career Transition Partnership Future Horizons (CTP Future Horizon) – available to Early Service Leavers (ESL) i.e. those who leave before the four-year point or those who lose entitlement to other programmes because of a compulsory discharge.

Careers Transition Partnership Assist – the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP) is in place to help those wounded, injured and sick individuals who have the greatest need in finding a new career, that is both suited to their individual needs and fulfilling, assisting them to move on with their lives

Specialist Support Programme – the Specialist Support Programme (SSP) is responsible for delivering the CTP (Assist) resettlement pathway to support wounded, injured and sick personnel to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling career, regardless of time served.

To find out what your entitlement is visit: – www.ctp.org.uk/getting-started-with-resettlement


Are you a Reservist?

A new employment support trial for Reservists is being delivered by CTP on behalf of the MOD. The purpose of the trial is to help support unemployed Reservists in finding employment that matches their skills, knowledge and experience, and that meets their aspirations and ability.

Eligibility is for unemployed trained Reservists only, but is further extended to those in the following categories:

  • Those volunteer trained reservists in the categories shown in the table above who are under a redundancy notice.
  • FTRS personnel who do not qualify for the normal Core Resettlement Programme (i.e. less than 6 years FTRS service) if they remain in the Volunteer Reserve on completion of their FTRS contract.
  • ADC personnel if they remain in the Volunteer Reserve on completion of their ADC contract.
  • Volunteer reservists who are unable to return to their normal civilian employment owing to an attributable injury or illness caused during, or as a result of, their duty reservist employment.

A trained Reservist is defined as one who has passed Phase 1 training for trial eligibility purposes.

Find out about a new employment support trial for eligible Reservists – www.ctp.org.uk/reservists



Services for Employers

Today’s armed forces are accustomed to operating in the most complex of environments, maximising the benefits of teamwork whilst harnessing cutting edge technology to its very limits. Service leavers have unrivaled experience and excellent personal qualities. They have been tested in highly demanding and pressurised situations and are used to taking responsibility for their actions and getting things done first time. Service leavers are quick to learn, picking up new skills and adapting to new circumstances with ease. They are self-disciplined and motivated problem solvers who will get a task done, whatever it takes.

In addition to offering such professional and technical abilities, they are also skilled in planning and organising, teamwork, communication, man management and leadership, skills that have been honed in some of the toughest environments.

By offering employment opportunities to wounded, injured and sick personnel via CTP, not only gives you the satisfaction of supporting these ex personnel but also can add some valuable advantages to your company.

If you are interested in joining partnership with CTP, follow this link and register your interest: – https://www.ctp.org.uk/contact-registrations

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