RLC Foundation Awards Dinner 17

Seated at dinner

On 8 Nov 17, the third annual RLC Foundation Awards Dinner was held at the HQ Officers’ Mess at Deepcut.

Maj Gen Angus Fay, Assistant Chief of Defence Staff, Logistics Operations and Personnel, hosted the event.  We had 102 in attendance, including Lt Gen Mark Poffley, the Master General of Logistics and an eclectic mix of serving military and civilian partners. The principal aim of the Foundation is to encourage professional development and thought leadership by engaging with Industry and Academia.

The Awards Programme is designed to recognise significant achievements in line with these goals both within The RLC and wider industry. Without the generous sponsorship of individual awards by industry, the event would not be possible. We are grateful for the superb support provided and to Pearson TQ for sponsoring the dinner programme.

There were seven awards in 17. The award nominees and winners were:

Award 1 – RLC Foundation Mentoring Support Award – Sponsor: The RLC – Winner SSgt Robert Bicker-Caarten – 10 QOGLR; Runner Up – Mr John Strike 17 Port and Maritime Regt

Citation – in part:

SSgt Bicker-Caarten used his initiative to give junior soldiers in the Logistic Supply Specialist role in 10 QOGLR the opportunity to gain experience by organising placements with units operating live custodial accounts.  In addition, he personally mentored 60 soldiers who are now fully trained in their specialisation. This has been a remarkable contribution.

Award 2 – The RLC Foundation Industry Professional Development Award – Sponsor: DHL – Winner: Ernst and Young; Runner Up – Engineering and Logistic Staff Corps

Citation – in part:

A very strong relationship between The RLC Foundation and the Ernst & Young Woman’s Network has been established in 17. Two excellent events to examine “supply chain problems” and “what makes a Professional Logistician” were run during the year with more events planned for 18 examining Thought Leadership.

Award 3 – The RLC Foundation Regional Partnership Award – Sponsor –  Leidos – Winner: Ubi-tech; Runner Up –  PA Consulting

Citation – in part:

Ubi-tech (3R) has formed a very strong bond with The RLC providing ELCAS approved Post Graduate Certificate training for the Communications Specialist Community. Twenty-six soldiers of all ranks have been instructed and mentored through the process including successful academic submissions to Wolverhampton University. Its support to The RLC and The RLC Foundation has been first class.

Award 4 – Best Professional Article in The RLC Foundation Review Magazine 17 – Sponsor – Ernst and Young –   Winner: Capt Alexander MacLaverty DST; Runner Up – Maj Andrew Cox DST

Paper Title – Why did the Dieppe Raid prove such a disaster and what was learnt from it that led to the success seen on D-Day?

Award 5 – RLC Foundation Thought Leadership Award – Sponsor –  PA Consulting – Winner General Dynamics; Runner Up –  DHL

Citation – in part:

General Dynamics as a foundation corporate partner to the RLC Foundation have been very supportive of both the Foundation and The RLC. In 17, combined training between General Dynamics SMEs and Log Supply Specialists from 4 Regt took place. The highly successful event examined logistic problems across the purple gate, improved tracking of individual items and reducing delivery times. In 18, 4 Regt will host a follow-on event looking at end to end supply chain issues. 

Award 6 – RLC Foundation Junior Initiative Award – Sponsor: Kuehne and Nagel: Winner Cpl Mathew Brown HQ 3 (UK) Div; Runner Up: SSgt Karly Bond 27 Regt

Citation – in part:

Cpl Brown is highly rated by his chain of command. Technically adept and a strong communicator, he has a real knack of analysing data which resulted in potential savings of £1.3m for 3(UK) Div. Additionally, he provided support to external validation of Log Sup Specs across the Division. He is an outstanding soldier who punches above his weight.

Award 7 – RLC Foundation Apprentice of the Year Award 2017 – Sponsor – Ubi-tech – Winner: LCpl Rommel Tem Meh – 27 Regt; Runner Up: Cpl Michael Ford – 29 Regt

Citation – in part:

LCpl Tem Meh is a highly competent JNCO who has completed his apprenticeship training to the highest standards. Despite a tour in the Falkland Islands, he continued to achieve the highest marks possible. He even took on additional work in his spare time to set himself above his peer group which provided an overall exemplary performance.

Many congratulations to both the Winners and Runners up for their outstanding achievements in 17. The Awards nomination process for 18 will be found in The Sustainer and on the Foundation website. We encourage you to identify suitable candidates who can be nominated for their achievements.

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